Thursday, April 16, 2020

Be There Or Be... Somewhere Else, I Guess.

This just popped up on my Pitchfork feed. Why don't these things happen in games I play? Don't answer that. I know.

Game concerts have been happening for years, of course. Decades, almost. With no-one touring right now and perhaps not likely to be for a lot longer than anyone's really prepared to admit, the atractions of a virtual stage must be obvious even to the most flannel-shirted troubador.

Come to think of it, why is it mostly EDM, emo, pop-punk and metal acts that play the game stages? Wouldn't some of these fantasy settings be better suited to people who already seem to think they're following in the bardic tradition? Yeah, ok, point. Maybe let's not encourage them.

Anyway, since I'm not likely to be attending 100 gecs' Square Garden party, I thought I'd have a little dance-off of my own right here, featuring some of the headline acts. Any excuse to put up another Charlie XCX video...

Since it's where the whole thing's going to be happening (Friday 24 April, mark your calendars), let's open with Parry Gripp and "Tortoise Playing Minecraft". Hey, it could happen!

Continuing the animal theme, here's Cashmere Cat. Or should I say Princess Catgirl?

Fantasy's fantasy but things just turned real. I never realised Halsey was an anagram of Ashley until I saw this benny blanco video. 

Was that too serious? Maybe just a tad. Let's lift the mood. This is a party, right? Kero Kero Bonito's so good, too, we really ought to double up!

And now... the headliners.  Charli XCX is at home right now but she's still making magic, if this track she premiered a week ago is any guide. Love that distortion.

It's a festival set, though, so we need some crowd-pleasers alongside the new stuff.

Aaaaaand now, the act you've all been waiting for - although I confess I'd never heard of them until today - here they are - 100 gecs! First with Charli XCX and Kero Kero Bonito, then on their own.

Phew! I'm about all partied out. I think I might just go and have a lie down. If you play Minecraft I guess you can see the real thing go down next Friday. If not, it's going to be livestreamed here. and the charity they're doing all this for is Feeding America, if that's your kind of thing.

Thanks you, Blapril, and goodnight!

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