Saturday, April 25, 2020

Block Rockin' Beats

Yesterday I wasn't sure what I was going to write about.
Not much seemed to be happening.
We've fallen into a comfortable routine under lockdown.
One day is much like another.

I did my dailies in Guild Wars 2.
I set my Overseer missions in EverQuest II
I went into the back garden and did some gardening.
I came back in and set my EverQuest Overseer quests.
I wrote four paragraphs of a post and saved it.
I had lunch in the front garden with Mrs Bhagpuss.
We did a quiz my mother had scanned and copied and sent us in the mail.
I came back upstairs and played EQII for a couple of hours; public craft quests and weeklies.
Mrs Bhagpuss and I went out for our daily, government-sanctioned walk.
We came back and sat in the back garden, drinking tea and playing a quiz game on my Kindle.
We came inside and talked for a while about our childhoods.
Mrs Bhagpuss started making an apple and date crumble.
I came upstairs and checked my Feedly.

Then I saw this.

My immediate thought was "Maybe I should install Minecraft".
I had an idea it was free.
It seemed like a reasonable plan.
Then I thought "How do you go to a gig inside an online game, anyway? I mean, how does that actually work?".
I went back to Pitchfork and read the piece again.
I saw a link to the Block by Blockwest website.
I clicked on it.
I didn't see a whole lot of information but I saw a big button marked "Tutorial".
I clicked on it.
It took me to a YouTube page.
There was a video.
I watched it.

It looked simple enough.
It specifically said you should have the Java edition.
I googled it.
On the U.S. site it costs $26.95.
It doesn't say whether it's available or playable outside the United States.
I checked
They have it for £17.19.
I stopped for a moment and thought "What about my Kindle?".
Amazon had the Pocket edition for £4.99.
Would that work?
I went and watched the tutorial video again only this time I paid more attention.
It says the Java edition "will run you about the price of a concert ticket".
I'd missed that part.
In the comments someone asks if the iOS version will work.
No, only Java on PC or Mac.

I looked at the poster. Closely, this time.
Massive Attack, Cherry Glazerr, IDLES.
Pussy Riot.
I never think of them as a musical group.
I guess they are, though.
A lot of interesting names I don't recognize.
Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, Hunny, Argonaut and Wasp.
Names are important. And powerful.

I watched the tutorial video again.
Specifically the end part.
"If you don't have access to a Minecraft account, don't worry. 
You can still stream each stage, audio included, via the Block by Blockwest website.
Or any of these platforms"
Which seem to be Facebook and YouTube.
Also, presumably, Discord, since that's how you listen to the audio stream in game.

I think it would be really fun to walk around a virtual festival for a while.
For how long, though?
Half an hour?
An hour?
Would it be more fun than streaming the show?
Or watching the bands on YouTube later?
£17.19 more fun?
Probably not.
Although since it's for charity that seems to be missing the point.

I do want to go to a gig in a video game, though.
There seem to be a lot of them right now.
There was the one I posted about before.
And Travis Scott just broke the record for concurrent players with a performance in Fortnite.
12.3 million people!
Fortnite is free.
Maybe I should go watch something there next time.
Except won't we all die?
Or do they turn PvP and the storm off for concerts?

I decided not to buy Minecraft.
I probably will watch some of the gig on the website though.
And now I have something to write about.

Block By Blockwest is today, by the way.
If you're reading this the day I posted it.
April 25 2020.
I bet you all have Minecraft too.
What are you waiting for?


  1. Weird. I haven't run Minecraft in a very long while and it said I needed to buy the Java edition on its website. I know for a fact that I bought the Java edition since that was all that was available when I bought the game. So I downloaded the demo at and it looks like I do indeed have the full version. Thanks for the heads up on this.

    1. You're welcome. I'm all about the PSAs in these times of trouble.

      If I have my time conversion right it all kicks off in about 45 minutes. I'm going to listen to some of it but I think I'll be fast asleep when the headliners come on. I'll catch up with the ones I'm interested in tomorrow.


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