Monday, August 1, 2011

My Stuff Weighs A Ton


No, not the Dave Graney number , that'd be another post entirely. I mean the vast stores of pointless clutter that all my characters acquire, and the psychological responsibility it entails.

Most MMOs dropped the concept of weight on items long ago, but the weight of responsibility for what you own just goes on growing. EQ2X was having a double xp event this weekend and I planned to log in and get straight on with killing or crafting to take full advantage. Fat chance.

This is AFTER I sorted them

I spent the first hour sorting through my bags and working out what I could sell just to make enough space to pick up a few flying body parts and loot any chests that might drop. That was before I realized it was also Tinkerfest. I've done Tinkerfest every year since it started and it's probably my favorite Norrathian holiday. This year some bright spark (Domino I expect) decided to add a tinkered backpack that displays.

So instead of killing stuff I find myself first sorting bags and then running to and fro between all the gnome enclaves of Norrath. That's really beneath a ratonga's dignity, if such a thing is possible. To add injury to insult, there's a part of the quest where a whole lot of heroic clockworks can be violently dismantled if you choose not to sneak past them, but they give no experience when you smash them up!

Eventually I had my backpack, and a fine piece of gnomish engineering it is, too. Strapping a gnomish contraption to your bag is a lot like chaining yourself to an unexploded bomb, but hey, style over safety every time. It's the ratonga way.

 That was when the Silver restrictions on my EQ2X account came into play. Part of the reason I played on EQ2X was for the restrictions. I have a gold account as well, but mostly I play my Silver one. Silver offers a fairly limited number of storage slots, although the size of the containers you can put in them is very generous. There are the four slots for the bags you carry around, as above. Then there are three bank slots per character and two shared bank slots.

A place for everything...
 There's the storage in your house, which has now expanded to a universal 6 slots since the addition of multiple housing. (No picture. I'm blowed if I'm going to run all the way to Maj Dul to take a screenshot of some holes in the wall). And you can even stick a few bags in the broker slots, although you can't actually put anything in them.

I keep them because I keep them, alright?
Oh, and let's not forget the guild bank, which Silver guild-members get full use of.

Space and tidiness courtesy of the rest of the guild

I'd have been able to swap out my old full bacpack for the lovely new tinkered one by using all that guild bank space, but the two extra storage slots I found in my Maj Dul house saved me the trouble. And here's the finished result

Time well spent!

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