Monday, June 11, 2012

Good Egg! : GW2

Remember that video? The one where someone who doesn't sound the least bit creepy at all talks us through a GW2 event from several different angles so the whole intricate clockworking is exposed?

Well I didn't make one of those.

I did, however, remember to follow one small event from start to finish and see what happened afterwards. And I even took screenshots. We come in just after I have accepted an offer to protect the magnificently-named Faint Ghostlight while he goes grubbing up Devourer nests to find the perfect egg from which he will hatch a new pet to replace one that got killed in a fight.

"Some devourers grow up stronger than others"
"This one is dead inside. Too bad"

Faint moves from nest to nest inspecting eggs and pointing out why they don't meet his exacting standards: dead, weak, sticky. Sticky throws him off stride for a second but he rallies. While he's giving out free advice and waxing sentimental, yours truly has to deal with all the angry scorpions not unreasonably objecting to the way he's judging then discarding their unborn children.

"That's unusual. This egg is sticky."
"Negative. This devourer couldn't win a fight against a moa"
"The best time to grab one of these eggs is a few hours before it hatches"
"Aha! This is the one!"

Finally he finds one that meets his exacting standards. Clearly unhappy with his own delicately nuanced and seemingly highly inapt name, he calls his egg something less poncy, pops it into some kind of wicker incubator and runs off.

"My new egg won't hatch for a while and I've got vengeance to deliver"

At this point I would usually head off in the other direction but this time, remembering the video, I followed to see what would happen. Faint loped off around the settlement to the gate, where several Charr appeared to have been waiting for him to get his act together. He reported to the one I took to be his Warband leader, a laconic individual with as much patience as you'd expect form anyone who'd grown up having much to do with Faint.

"Ready for action, Rankar!"
"Alright, listen up! The mission is clear"

Our mission? Infiltrate and capture the Flame Legion headquarters. What, just the four of you, plus me and the bear? Unsurprisingly that's about as far as I got to follow this particular chain. Twenty paces down the road we were ambushed by the Flame Legion and wiped out to the last cat.

It was a lot of fun while it lasted. And now I know how to tell good devourer eggs from bad, which always comes in handy.


  1. Haha, nice! I had so much fun with some of the events this weekend, more than once they took me by surprise by developing yet another outcome or following up with a next chapter. some of the NPC dialogues are hilarious, I was constantly looking for easter eggs. A Charr slave-driver somewhere in Diessa Plateau actually kept saying "work work!" - hardly a coincidence! =D

  2. Looks like they have some fun quests. Char, they always give me the creeps, they were so mean and scary when I first started GW, lol. Great pics, been enjoying the posts :)


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