Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Catching A Breath

It's one of those annoying weeks where I have time either to play or to post but not both. It says a lot for my current state of satisfaction with the MMO world that I'd much rather play.

It's not at ll that I have nothing I want to write about, either. There's the current State of the Game over at Landmark, now accommodating Wilhelm once again, for a limited time only, and where changes to the FAQ relating to what you get to keep after a wipe have been causing consternation. There's the winding-down WildStar beta, whose luster is wearing off for Jeromai, and the question of just how many rats are jumping off the sinking TESO ship, raised by Keen's "We Quit" post.

There are a couple of burgeoning debates I'd like to get into. Tobold raised some very interesting issues concerning questing, which tie in to something Keen (him again) was saying on the subject, while Azuriel and Zubon have been riffing on the well-worn theme of "it's friends that drive retention", a topic on which I've long had some non-party-line thoughts I've wanted to share.

Excuse me? Is this the line for the Queen's Gauntlet?

Then there's The Tourney, as no-one calls Season 2 of GW2's WvW competition any more, in which very interesting things have been happening, at least in the match I'm in. It could get more interesting yet next week, since, right at the climax, ArenaNet have chosen to open possibly their two most successful Living Story features (apart from Super Adventure Box, of course) from last year. The Bazaar of the Four Winds and the Queen's Gauntlet. Just what that might do to populations on the Borderlands is anyone's guess.

Finally, there's my ongoing investigation into leveling a new character under the twin dooms of the Megaserver and the Trait Revamp (spoiler - I'm still lovin' it). And quite probably a whole load other stuff besides. But it's either write or play and I'm off to do the latter.

With luck I'll get into some of this in detail at the weekend, although chances are by then there'll be a whole new mess o' stuff going on. How anyone can get bored either with MMOs or blogging about them beats me...


  1. "How anyone can get bored either with MMOs or blogging about them beats me... " never truer words were spoken, or written! My slower posting schedule isn't because I'm bored with the genre or playing the games, it's just a lack of free time and as you write above, I'm very happy playing at the moment so that tends to win out...

  2. Well I'm a bit bored of them. Well I'm probably just burned out.

    Hasn't stopped me popping my head in to EQ though. I have no idea what I'm doing and it's been a long time since I felt that in an MMO.

    I'm in a city. All the women are buxom. Some Bard boss asked me to fetch a couple of reports but was as disinterested as I was in the idea really. So I did it out of habit more than anything.

    I swiped at a rat, you know because critters, and was startled to find myself in an EPIC BATTAL!!!11!! Man those rats can really shift when they are of a mind to.

    While picking up the reports I saw 'outside'. There are bats or birds or something out there but, after the rat, was reminded of getting schooled by sheep in the MUDs of my youth and didn't dare go out there.

    At the moment I'm sort of happy to leave it all as a mystery.


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