Thursday, January 22, 2015

Cheap At A Quarter The Price! : GW2

Just in case anyone's not paying attention to Massively or Kill Ten Rats here's a public service announcement:

Guild Wars 2 goes on sale at 75% off this coming Saturday and Sunday. The exact time that the sale begins and ends are at the end of the official announcement and you only get the discount if you buy directly from the website.

It's a very tempting deal. Too tempting, I think, for me to resist. I've pondered buying a third account each time they've had a half-price sale but I've been able to talk myself out of it. I really don't need a third account; to the contrary, of late I've been attempting to consolidate new characters onto just one of the two I already own.

There are clear and present dangers in taking advantage of this offer. God forbid I should end up doing three sets of dailies! On the other hand the advantages are manifest.

It's far and away the cheapest means to gain extra storage for a start. Bags are cheap - it's bag slots that cost. This way you get twenty-five extra bag slots for the cost of about two and a half. If you only have one account it also gives you the option to mail stuff to yourself, something I've found immensely handy over the life of the game.

It also allows me to do something I've wanted to do for a while: try out the New Player Experience with the full restrictions in place. Although of course twinking is still possible.

There's also the tempting possibility of rolling characters on other servers to see what WvW is like from a non-Yak's Bend perspective. That does feel oddly like cheating even though I would be making characters only in Tiers where YB doesn't and isn't imminently likely to play - T1 and T5 downwards.

Even if I end up not using the account for much more than storage, a bit of futzing around or the odd Special Project, it's bound to be worth the minimal entrance fee. Although it might not seem such a bargain when I'm shelling out for the three Expansion Packs come September.

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