Thursday, November 26, 2015

Black Citadel Friday : GW2

This is the greatest city in the world. And it's only going to get greater.
 Charr Citizen - Black Citadel

I count myself exceedingly fortunate that my first character in beta was a Charr. Nothing prepared me for the sheer impact of The Black Citadel. It hit like a fist.

The smoke-filled skies stink of sulphur and Armageddon. The polluted air shrieks and groans with the tortured cries of steel.

Every sunrise, every sunset, burns with apocalyptic fire. And it's always sunset or sunrise in The Black Citadel.

The iron walkways echo with the heavy tread of war. The legions spar and banter in the streets while citizens growl and curse. In the fretted shade of the Gladium Canton the lesser races sweat and trade. 

The craft halls of the Factorium whir with the spinning of looms as the smiths' hammers pound. Beyond the plated walls the scholars of the Priory pore over ancient scrolls among the vine-clad ruins of Old Ascalon.

This is The Black Citadel.

It stands.

It will stand.

It must. 

A fit from the House of Phoebe for #intpipomo 2015


  1. Home sweet home. :) I find myself coming back every so often to craft or do stuff in the home instance, even if Rata Sum is now the nearest city to the HoT zones with conveniently placed amenities. Just love those fiery Ascalonian skies and the clang of forge metal and steel.

    1. The best thing about the F2P deal is that there are always plenty of people in the cities now. Making Lion's Arch a "must be level 35 to enter" map was a stroke of genius. Black Citadel these days is not that far from being as busy as it was a few weeks after launch.

  2. Blasphemy! Divinity's Reach is the greatest MMO city ever constructed.

    1. Mrs Bhagpuss is a big DR fan. I think it looks amazing but even so I still have never explored the entire map. Must get around to that some day.


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