Saturday, April 29, 2017


Not that I'm under the misapprehension that this is any kind of a news platform, but I know there are a few readers who play EQ2 somewhat sporadically and they may not be up to speed on every last little thing. If you're one of those people you may not have noticed that the log-in servers came over all faint yesterday and had to go for a lie down.

It didn't inconvenience me because I had no particular plans to play EQ2 last night or, indeed, this weekend. What with this being the bi-monthly re-linking of servers in World vs World and with Twin Saga still taking up all of my non-GW2 time (hit level 50 last night!) my dance card was full.

Until, that is, I saw this at EQ2Wire.

Well, the rumor proved to be true. As compensation for the downtime that I didn't experience we're getting a


Here's the official announcement. 

It is an actual weekend for once, too. The bonus is up and running right now but it ends at midnight tomorrow (that's midnight PDT). It's the full-fat version - Adventure, Tradeskill and AAXP - and very surprisingly it applies to all servers including the TLE server, Stormhold

When the triple XP event ends it will be followed immediately by a Double Ascension Scroll week. That doesn't interest me because I never even come close to using my regular allotment of Ascension XP, let alone need to use the scrolls I already have, but I'm sure it's welcome to those who play more regularly than I do.

The Big Spring Update that was due to launch on Tuesday has been put back a week to May 9th, just so DBG can be certain the servers are behaving themselves before they break them again. That suits me just fine because the original date was set to clash directly with the fifth chapter of GW2's Living Story 3 - Flashpoint.

So, as has happened often in the past, a server outage has had a serendipitous outcome for me. I wouldn't be half as cheerful about it all if it was happening in my main MMO but you take what you can get.

Anyway, enough of this public service stuff. I've got writs to grind!


  1. Too good! I always loved SOE's Double XP weekends back in the day. Thanks for this, I'll advance one of my lower level characters.

  2. Heh, every time I see some special weekend for EQ or EQ2, something makes me want to subscribe up and go back. But then I remember that I really couldn't get into things previously and the moment passes. The idea of boosting a couple characters on Stormhold was actually the most tempting aspect. Maybe some day.


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