Saturday, May 16, 2020

Who Stole The Cookie? : Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Every day they gave me a cookie but when I looked for it I couldn't find it. I looked everywhere.  Nothing. The cookies kept coming.

I asked for help but there was none. No-one could tell me where my cookies went. No-one could tell me how to find them.

Then one day the cookies stopped. No more cookies. But I wanted them. I wanted my cookies.

I kept looking. I didn't give up.

I went to my campsite. I went to my cabin. I went to my camper. I asked Eugene and Freya and Rosie and Apollo.

No-one knew where my cookies had gone.

I went to the garage. I went to the beach. I went to the garden. I looked at all the things I knew how to make. I thought about everything I knew how to do.

Still nothing.

My cookies had to be there. Somewhere. Why would they give me cookies and not give me cookies all at the same time? Who would be so cruel?

So I looked again and then I saw it. A tiny tab to the side, above the crafting workshop. A tab I'd never seen before.

I opened it.

Inside was everything.

Everything anyone had ever given me. All my candies and clothes and furniture and bugs and shells and fruit. All in one place. Together.

And there were my cookies. All of them.

I was so happy.

The cookies were big. Bigger than both my hands together. There were so many. Could I eat them all?

Yes. Yes, I could. I could eat them all.

I took each cookie and broke it open and out fell a fortune. You will find a seat on the bus. That was one.

I ate every cookie. Inside each was a gift. Hats. Shoes. Furniture that unlocks new memories.


That unlocks new memories.

New memories.

Imagine if I hadn't found my cookies.

Just imagine...

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