Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Park Life : EverQuest

I spent all afternoon playing Trüberbrook and all evening putting up shelves (wire cubes, in fact) in my new room and now I don't have time to write a post. Opportunity!

Here's a bunch of screenshots I took about a week ago in what must be one of the prettiest EverQuest zones I've ever seen, Sul Vius, the Demiplane of Decay.

It reminded me more than somewhat of Barcelona's Parc Guell, a high compliment indeed. EQ was never the best-looking of games even when it was new but this shows just what you can do even with such an ancient toolset. All you need is a little inspiration.

I went there for some quest or other. I had no idea where it was. I'd never even heard of it. It's from the 2015 expansion The Broken Mirror about which I know absolutely nothing. If all the zones look as good as this, though, it's somewhere I very much look forward to exploring.

No doubt I'll get round to posting something more substantial about it when that happens, but until that happy day, enjoy!

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