Wednesday, November 3, 2021

The Sesame Street Beat

When I read that Billy Eilish was set to appear on the new season of Sesame Street, my first thought was "Sesame Street is still going?!" Seriously, I thought it ended a couple of decades ago.

I was looking for inspiration for a very quick post after work, though and Pop Stars on the Street sounded as good as anything else I could think of, so here we are.

I think that might be the first time I've seen Janelle Monae, whose name crops up a lot in stuff I read. From context I'd assumed she was a hip-hop artist or a rapper. I suppose she might still be.

Feist is another name I've known for a long, long time without ever having much of a clue who or what was behind it. I used to work with someone who was obsessed with Feist, which at the time I believed to be the name of a band. Maybe it is. I certainly didn't know it was the name of the ex-singer of Broken Social Scene, whose name I once used as a post title, without having much of a clue who they were, either.

I sense a bit of a theme developing here. I'm fairly sure I've never actually heard the Goo Goo Dolls before even though, once again, the name is very familiar to me. I had them pegged as a cut-price Cramps but it seems they're some variant of emo, at least based on this. Although I'm not really sure how much you can infer from a duet with Elmo. Hmm... Elmo-emo... something's happening there...

Pretty sure anyone who's been paying attention all these years knows my fondness for daisy age hip hop. It's no surprise Queen Latifah's style fits Sesame Street like a glove (Don't go there.). I just wish De La Soul had been on the show one time. They'd have been perfect for it.

I was under the impression Sia had something of a reputation for taking herself quite seriously. Seems I was wrong. Again.

And that's probably enough Sesame Street Singing Stars for one day. If you want to see Little Richard sitting in a bath singing about his Rubber Duckie or Elvis Costello parodying himself doing Red Shoes then you have a stronger constitution than I do.

I look forward to Billie Eilish's turn with trepidation and possibly terror. I'm sure it'll be fine...


  1. Yes, Sesame Street is still chugging away. I'm surprised you didn't select Furry Happy Monsters, sung with REM.

    1. It was on the shortlist but I wanted to keep the post tight. Also I'm not a great REM fan in general although unlike Michale Stipe, apparently, I do quite like Shiny Happy People.

  2. This is great. My 7 year old daughter loves Sia because she was on a Scooby Doo episode.

    1. Very clearly I have Sia pegged entirely wrong!


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