Sunday, November 27, 2022

A Feather In My Cap

One of the many things I appreciate about Noah's Heart is the excellent costume design. I do like playing dress-up.

I maxed my Affection with Charlie Babbage a couple of weeks back, crafted a copy of her outfiit and I've been wearing it ever since. I'm now working on becoming BFFs with Jenny Watt, so I can wear her designer dungarees.

It isn't really all that hard to max Affection. It just takes time and Energy. I could probably blitz it in a few days but I'm content to chip away at it, a few gifts every time I log in.

Somewhat surprisingly, I find I like the way I have to work at getting each signature look. It really gives me something to look forward to. I'm upgrading my fighting gear as well, of course, but none of that displays, so getting a new piece isn't as exciting as it might be in other games, where you can see it on your character as soon as you put it on.

Anyone who's been paying attention (There must be someone...) will already have spotted I'm no longer wearing my bunny ears. I still have them and I'll definitely wear them again but now I have a new hat! I was very lucky last week. I won a lovely headband with a feather in it in one of the regular mini-games, Planet Hunt.

It's not an easy game to do well in without spending real money, which is precisley what it's there to encourage you to do, naturally. You have to spin a wheel to move a car along a track to reach a chest and you get one or two free spins each day. There are various tracks of different lengths and every couple of weeks the whole thing resets, so you have to start again.

There's a bit more to it than that. I won't bore you with the details. The point is, I always play the game because there are small prizes at every stage but I usually don't reach the chest before the game resets so I don't expect to get a shot at the main prize at all. Only this time I did. 

Even when you manage to get the chest, there's only a very small chance you'll find one of the big prizes inside. The game very decently gives you the percentages for everything you might be thinking of spending money on, up front. The chance of getting the feathered headband in most of the chests is less than 2%.

Luckily for me, the chest at the end of my track happened to be the Feathers Garment Headware Surprise Pack, which has a whopping 20% chance of dropping the hat. Or, if you prefer, an 80% chance of not dropping it, but I'm a glass-one-fifth-full kind of guy.

And my optimism was rewarded. I won! I've been wearing my feathered headband proudly ever since.

 I'm very easily pleased. It's a gift, you know.


  1. You know this whole time I just assumed you were playing some bunny eared race in Noah's Heart :-) Speaking of landscapes some of those are quite nice.

    1. It's an interesting game, graphically. The general look of it is very similar to Genshin Impact but considerably simplified, which gives it a strange, expressionistic aesthetic at times. Looks great in screenshots, too, which isn't true for all mmorpgs, by any means.

  2. I noticed the lack of bunny ears!

    1. I knew someone had to have been paying attention!


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