Friday, May 19, 2023

Two More For The Pot

Well, I was going to do a Friday Grab Bag but I left it all day and then Mrs Bhagpuss and I took Beryl for a long walk and when I got back I checked my email to find a reminder that I had three training courses to complete by Sunday and I'm working all weekend...

... so I did those instead.

Which means I'm just going to mention a couple of upcoming games I wishlisted on Steam this afternoon and leave it at that. 

Look To The Sky!

The first is this one, an unusual MMO I hadn't previously heard of. It's called, with immense simplicity, "Sky" and it's been around since 2019 on Playstation, Switch, Android and iOS. 

On Steam, where you can wishlist it already, as I have, it's known as "Sky:Children of Light", possibly because there's already a game called Sky, a city builder, due to be released next month. I don't know when the MMO Sky is likely to surface on Steam but presumably it's imminent because there's a trailer.

It comes from the same people who gave us Journey and Flower, neither of which I've played. I have heard a fair bit about Journey, though, which was a darling of the non-gaming media for a while, mostly, I thought, because it didn't really seem to be much of a game, something that always appeals to the editors of newspaper arts sections.

Given that background, it's hardly a shock to learn Sky is a "social adventure" with no combat. At least I don't think there's any combat. It looks gorgeous and on my Steam page it's tagged as "Similar to games you've played: Yonder", which is enough of a recommendation for me. Yonder is one of them most relaxing, soothing, chill games I've played. I really should finish it sometime.



The other game isn't quite as interesting to me but it still looks worth a punt. It's called Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore, which is a frankly ridiculous name. It sounds like something Nigel Tufnel out of Spinal Tap would put his name to in some kind of misguided marketing deal that would inevitably go horribly wrong.

The description is full the kind of made-up nonsense words that I thought went out of fashion long ago, "gyrophasm" being my favorite, but the tagline is "An unbelievably funny, Beautiful and exciting fantasy universe" (My emphasis.) so I'm guessing we're not to take meant any of it too seriously. 

Coreborn is "A multiplayer survival game", which is a very crowded field, but it seems to be the latest iteration of an established IP, with both comic book and pen and paper antecedents, which gives it a certain heft. There's a truly dreadful "Official Story Trailer", which I haven't embedded because it will only put people off. Follow the link if you like to look at bad concept art while listening to someone gargling as they impersonate a frog.

The Early Access trailer is better. At least it has a decent soundtrack. The gameplay looks rough but the world looks kind of pretty.

Speaking of the gameplay, there's also a gameplay trailer but it's nearly half an hour long and life's too short for that. I'll wait until the game goes into Early Access on 18 July and see it for myself, if I'm still interested - and if it's cheap enough.

And that, I'm afraid, is all I have until Monday at the earliest. They can't all be epics.


  1. I have played a lot of Sly on mobile. There is, no combat. There are things that will harm you and drain your light, but if you end up "dying" you essentially just wake up at the start of the game, keeping all your cosmetic items, and try again.

    There aren't even a lot pf things that can harm you. There are some parches of crabs that will charge you that don't hurt much, there is rain in one zone that alowly drains you. The biggest threat is the giant Krill, which are to be avoided, though once you get the hang of things its fun to dance around them and avoid them.

    1. Thanks for the info. I figured combat wouldn't fit with the tone and ethos of the game. It's interesting that there are threats of some kind. I guess there has to be some form of risk to keep the sense of adventure going, even if it's very low-level. Looking forward to trying it for myself when it comes to Steam.

  2. Journey is kind of a must-play, honestly. Very short and really really beautiful. No spoilers for the cool NPCs in the game.

    1. It's on the list. It's a lengthy list, though...

  3. It's funny that Sky came on your radar this weekend. I just found out about it last week myself, from an article over at I'm intrigued enough that I plan to download it for my Switch and take it for a spin, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. It sounds kind of like a modern update of Endless Forest, which up until now I just assumed was a dead end experiment that never led to anything else.

    1. I'd forgotten about Endless Forest, which I "played" a couple of times and wrote about once or twice but that's the second time I've seen it mentioned in a few days. I wonder if it's stil going? A brief google says not although Bard disagrees. I might turn this into a post if I get a moment...


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