Saturday, July 22, 2023

Let's Go Party!

In recognition of the cultural moment. 

Come On Barbie!

I guess we should start...


I actually thought about going to the cinema to see it. I mean, obviously I'm not going to... But that I thought about it? When did that last happen?

I don't own any Barbies, by the way. Just in case you were wondering. I am not now, nor have I ever been, the owner of a Barbie. I'm more plush than plastic. I have a lot of Jellycats... 

But hey! This isn't about me. It's about Barbie! Specifically songs about Barbie or by people called Barbie. And maybe anything pink. Barbie really likes pink.

Let's start with the soundtrack. I already used the best song a few posts back but now there's a lyric video so let's have it again.

Speed Drive - Charli XCX

Songs are so short now. I love it!

Barbie World (with Aqua) - Nicki Minaj & Ice Spice

Still working on liking Ice Spice. Getting there. Nicki Minaj scares me though.

Angel - PinkPantheress

Doesn't even mention Barbie but when you're PinkPantheress I guess you don't have to. Hey, we knew her when, right?

What Was I Made For? - Billie Eilish

"Turns out I'm not real. Just something you paid for.

The video is genuinely traumatizing. I'm not kidding.

And that'll do for the soundtrack. Where shall we go next? Oh, I know!

Barbie Eat A Sandwich - Care Bears On Fire

Yes, I know we've had it before but that was ages ago. I bet no-one remembers.

Barbie Goes Around The World - Barbie (Army of Lovers)

Not like Barbie has a big following in the drag scene or anything. Mrs Bhagpuss used to watch a lot of videos by a drag queen who collects Barbies and uses them to illustrate talks on socio-cultural trends. She's at work now or I'd ask her who it was and maybe add a link. Oh, hey! I can do it later, when she gets back, then dub it in! I forget how this all works, sometimes...

Oliver - Barbie Army

Don't think any video of Barbie Army exists, sadly. The Chicago Reader did a very detailed retrospective about them if you're interested. Which you're not.

Barbie (Not Yours) - Hot Wax

 "I am not your Barbie and I don't wanna go to your stupid party"

Well that's rude...

Bury Yourself - Viking Barbie

I bet that didn't go where you were expecting from the intro. Admit it! Also, could be a tad NSFW if you're watching with the sound up. And why would you not be?

Ostrich Cowboy - Barbie Almalbis

Okay, she's just called Barbie. It still counts. I do have more but I think we've probably had enough Barbies for one post. 

Oh, except for this one. Obvs.

Barbie Girl - Aqua

Stay pink!


  1. AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

    My brain, it hurts!!! I can't stop the earworm!!!

    1. Okay, that notwithstanding, the Billie Eilish piece reminds me of "When She Loved Me" by Sarah McLachlan for Toy Story 2. Talk about your depressing songs.

    2. The first time I heard "What Was I made For?" it was in the way I often hear songs for the first time these days: I'd opened a link to the video, started it running, watched the first thirty seconds or so, then tabbed out and read something else while it played. I didn't even listen to the lyrics with full attention.

      I came back to it for the post and, again as is my practice, watched the video all the way through, just to check if it needed any warnings or anything. Imagine my surprise. Actually, shock. The combination of the existential dread of the lyrics, the yearning despair in Billie's voice and the building bleakness and pathos of the imagery is heartbreaking. It's a small work of art, I think. And yes, extremely depressing.

      I'm going to go an listen to that Sarah McLachlan tune now. Surprisingly, I've never seen any of the Toy Story movies so it'll be out of context, if that matters.

  2. I still have a couple of Barbies, not from my childhood though. We all see Barbie through our own lens. Mine does not appreciate anything I’ve seen about The Barbie movie or Margot Robbie. So gross, then there is Ryan Gosling as eternally stiff plastic Ken (never liked any Ken incarnation). It’s like having Cookie Monster play Ken. Disturbing! At least Billie Eilish looks like Barbie. The only good thing to be said is that there is a sea of pink. There can never be enough pink. Atheren

    1. I was surprised how little Margot Robbie looked like Barbie, especially given how easy it would be these days to alter things digitally to make sure she did. I guess she's too famous for that.

      As for Ken, I don't suppose most people have much of an image in their mind of what Ken looks like, so any blandly good-looking man would do.


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