Monday, December 12, 2011

Furglebin's Journal 2 : EQ2

So now I am in Freeport. It is so big, with towers floating in the air and flames everywhere that never burn outs. The guards are a lot meaner than the ones in Darklight Woods but they still want everyone to do all sorts for thems, even little rats that just got here and hardly know wheres anything is. They just stand abouts looking puffed-up and shouting orders so I am getting plenty of work.

Really, I am not so little now. Well, I have not got any tallers but I am more of a Beastlord, very nearly a whole ones I think. I can spot when Tiger finds a weakness in what we are fighting and I can take advantage ofs that. I am starting to get really fired up when that happens too and feeling all savage and sometimes I can do really amazing stuff! Not all that oftens though 'cos by the time I am ready what I am fighting has generally dropped dead.

Nice pet - for a warlock...
I have tamed loads of animals too and now Tiger can put his spirit into bats, bears, birds, dogs, rats, watery animals (not fish though) and cows! For a long time he was a very sick deer, which was a bit weird but then I tamed a cow and he turned into that instead. Not that having a cow fighting next to mes is exactly what I call normal...

Turns out that he can remember how to be quite a lot of different kinds of animal but he can only remember how to look like the last one of each kinds that I tamed. So if I want him to look like a sick deer again (not that I am likely to, but if I dids...) then I have to go back and tame a sick deer all over again. Then every time I ask him to be a bovid (I dunno either, that's just what is written in this book I got called my Knowledge Book, which is a magic book where stuff gets written when I learn it without me actually getting my pencil out from behinds my ear. And don't ask me where the book came from. I just woke up with it) then he turns into one that looks like a sick deer.

You should see the dam!
At the moment he is being a giant beaver, which is getting me all kinds of respect in Freeport, which is a place where a small ratonga needs all the respect he can gets, believe me. People keep asking me where did I get the big beaver and I tell them he is froms Nektulos Forest and that is a real forest, not like Darklight Woods.It is trees everywhere and nearly too dark to see where you are going so you are always running into spiders and wolves and everything bites or stings, even plants.

Some gnome at the Fair in Darklight Woods sents me there to see his daughter 'cos she has been gone ages and he is waiting for her to bring him owlbear eggs for some scam he has running. I find her alright but what she wants me to do is just too embarrassing even to write in my journal. I got a pet baby owlbear out of it and that's all I am saying.

You can plant all the palms you want but it's still a slum

Anyway, after that I am pretty much out of work in Darklight Woods. Someone wants me to go to somewhere called Butcherblock Mountains but I have to sit on some huge catbird that looks like it is more likely to tip me off halfway and have me for an in-flight meal than get me to the other side of the ocean in one piece so I pass on thats for now. Maybe when I am bigger.

Everyone is talking about Freeport and how it is the happening place now the big boss came backs, so even though I can't find anyone wanting messages taken there or anything, off I go. And like I said at the start, now I am in Freeport, just getting ready to write abouts my adventures in Temple Street and Beggars Court except now the trumpet is blowing for the hourly execution and I got to go watch so that will just have to wait for next time!

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