Friday, January 4, 2013

So They All Rolled Over And One Fell Out... : GW2

Just a very brief comment on a quirk of GW2's current World vs World ranking system:

Three weeks ago Dragonbrand stormed Tier 5, finishing top. They remained in Tier 5 for the next match.

Two weeks ago they had a much narrower win but this time were promoted to Tier 4, the Tier where our server, Yak's Bend currently resides.

Last week Dragonbrand  struggled in Tier 4, came third and were promptly sent back down to Tier 5.

This week Dragonbrand utterly destroyed their opposition in Tier 5. They'll end the round tonight with more than four times the points of the second-place server.

Tomorrow, Dragonbrand will not only re-enter Tier 4, they will leapfrog over all the teams currently there, push everyone down a place and start next round in first place. Yak's Bend, who will win this week's match comfortably, will begin next week in second place and Maguuma will slip into Tier 5.

Am I the only one who thinks this is peculiar?

(Full match information can be studied in mind-numbing detail at this excellent site)


  1. Big news for the week is that Kaineng escaped from the bottom tier. Also that Henge of Denravi finally paused in their terminal velocity descent by finishing ahead of someone other than "worst server in the world" Eredon Terrace.

    1. Spotted a guild tag earlier in the week during a pitched keep battle - "Should Have Rolled Kaineng". Made me chuckle.

  2. I believe it all has to do with not only how much they win by but the difference between first and last place.

    While they didn't do so well in there initial foray into tier 4, this huge explosion of numbers kind of says they will do a lot better, which is reflected in their ranking change.

    It's a decent system and may not make much sense at times but it is often for the best. We will see how well they do in the week to come.

  3. But do remember that the holidays seem to have had a bigger impact on some servers than others. Darkhaven was cruising nicely along until the vacation schedule struck, and suddenly we were in WvW freefall. We may see some of those radical changes in rankings even out once the cycle _after_ the Christmas/New Year holidays are done.


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