Monday, January 28, 2013

The Bushes Scream

Inspired by Syp's recent spate of housecleaning I have taken out the flamethrower pruning shears and tended to my own garden. Out go all the Places We Go that we don't go to any more because there's no-one there. In come new places to explore.

Blogs that have been silent for three months or more have been removed to make space for a bunch of new ones, some of which I came to by browsing Syp's unfeasibly long list and some of which, shamefully, should have been there all along.


Get The Girl, Kill The Baddies
Fluff Factor
The Wild Boar Inn
Casual Is As Casual Does
Journeys With Jaye
The Common Sense Gamer


Game By Night
Critical Hit
Healing The Masses
Stabbed Up
The Egg Baron
Tish Tosh Tesh
Why I Game
Stylish Corpse

All the out-goers remain in my Reader and if any of them show signs of life they'll be back in, pronto.  The auto-shuffle of recently-updated blogs to the top of the list should mitigate its slightly ridiculous length. I hope. Now all I have to do is find time to read them all.

Also, following a very enlightening discussion at Hardcore Casual about barriers to commenting on blogs, I have set the bar for commenting here as low as Blogger allows. That includes Anonymous comments, on which I am not keen, so we will have to see if that causes a problem. If anyone reads Inventory Full and would like to comment but has previously been put off by Blogger's hoop-jumping, it may be worth taking another run at it. If it's still doesn't work for you, let me know in the comments... oh, wait...

Enough blogging about blogging. Back to pontificating and rambling. Oh, and if you're wondering about the title, here you go. No need to thank me!


  1. I thought Syp's big blogroll announcement was kind of silly in that I consider it part of the blogging job to keep a blogroll that actually sends people to active sites, so I add and remove blogs all the time. A blogroll that sends you to a lot of sites that haven't updated in months or years isn't much of a blogroll at all.

    Though, if I have the blogger blog roll, that lets you rank by last post date, I might be of a different mind. I'd show the top 20 and have 100 or so on my list.

    As for commenting, I am just crotchety about having to jump through hoops when I have already gone to the trouble of creating a Google account, complete with placeholder blog, in hopes of avoiding the seven layers of captcha hell.

    1. And what I really want is the ability to go back and fix my typos. I'd put up with a lot of captcha for that.

      If I HAD the blogger blog roll...

    2. If only I was organized enough to keep my blogroll current! If I'm honest, I forget it's there most of the time. I mostly add things to it when I discover new people are linking to me or sending me traffic - I'm nowhere near as pro-active as I could be, or probably should be.

      And you have a very good point there - with the auto-shuffling of blogs by most-recent post it really wouldn't make any difference if I had a hundred on there...except it looks weird when you scroll down and just see an endless sea of blue with a never-ending ladder of increasingly inactive blogs down the side.

  2. Thanks for the add, Bhagpuss. I don't comment much (I read from my phone mostly and Blogger is terrible at mobile commenting) but I've had your blog on my reader since I first discovered it quite some time ago. I was actually very happy since I always enjoyed your comments on other blogs. Keep up the great writing :-)

  3. Hello Bhagpuss!

    Been a fan of your blog for a long time now, but never bothered to comment. I guess I'll take this time to pop in and say thanks for the Anonymous option.

    BTW I am from CD. Can you please tell your fellow Benders to stop attacking us on our BL? I'm sure both of us have our hands full with KN.

    PS this whole guilds-hopping-into-T1/2-WvW-server thing is ridiculous.

    1. Hi! Good to hear from you!

      Trying to get Yaks to do anything is like herding cats, I'm afraid. And this match it's a case of grabbing any points that Kaineng haven't nailed down. Can't even run Karma trains like we did when we had New Maguuma last week.

      Next week's match looks good though.

  4. Yay! I have had so much trouble commenting here in the past, I usually just give up.

    Love your blog - one of the three or four I read every day. With your newly pruned blog list, though, I will have to give a few more a try.


    1. Thanks! and good to hear from you. Until I read the comments on SynCaine's thread I had no clue people were having such difficulty commenting here.

  5. Well, roll me a blog and call me flattered, thanks for the add!
    The discussions here are always enjoyable and well-worded.

    I really need to check my comment preferences as well... I think mine might be set a notch too high.

  6. Ooooh.. My blog looks purty up there. Thanks for the shout out as well.

    As for the commenting system I really don't know how your going to do it, even now my little blog catches quite a few. Does blogger have some sort of akismet thingy

  7. cool. the pictures are interesting and the words are funny.

  8. Welcome everyone and thanks for the kind words. I'll be keeping an interested eye on the comments to see what difference, if any, changing the permissions makes. Would be nice to have that facility I believe WordPress has to catch first-time commenters in a holding-pen then authorize them automatically for future posts as appropriate. Don't think you can do that in Blogger, unless anyone knows better?


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