Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Car's Outside, Engine's Running

It's going to be quiet around here for a week or so while Mrs Bhagpuss and I go exploring in real life. If you call driving a hire car from comfortable hotel to comfortable hotel "exploring", that is. Which I do, at least when it involves going to places I haven't been to before and seeing things I haven't already seen .

Of course, these days I often have seen places I'm going to even before I've been there. The main reason there haven't been many posts on actual gaming this last week or so is that I've been roaming around backwater towns and villages on Google Maps and Street View. That's taken up almost all the time I would normally devote to playing games.

I once left a comment on SynCaine's blog suggesting that Google Street view would offer a perfectly acceptable alternative to MMOs for explorer types. I can't recall the context but I do remember he wasn't impressed.

These days I'd go further. I think that, with the addition of a few million P.O.I.s and an experience system, Google Maps could be turned into an actual game. Throw in an Achievements and levels and it would make a pretty ARG along the lines of Pokemon Go or Ingress, without the nuisance of actually having to leave the house.

Anyway, when I get back I won't be doing any more of that for a while - not until the Autumn, anyway - so things here should get back to what passes for normal. There's an outside chance I might post something while I'm away but the weather forecast is excellent and it's light until after 10pm this time of year so I don't expect to be indoors fiddling with my tablet any more than I have to.

Have fun and try not to break anything while I'm gone!


  1. I kinda figured Pokemon Go was already what you were referring to and was surprised when you suggested it openly.

  2. Thanks for letting us know so that we wouldn't worry about the sudden silence. ;) Hope you have a nice time.


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