Monday, June 3, 2019

Down The Rabbit Hole

Mia at The MMOist posted a couple of shots from Riders of Icarus yesterday. That's an MMORPG I'd all but forgotten. It prompted me to ponder which of the three dozen similar icons on my desktop might ever see action again:

Absolutely no doubt.

Guild Wars 2 
Sleeping in the spare room but we're still talking.
Never gonna give you up.
EverQuest II  
Never gonna let you down.
Star Wars: The Old Republic  
New car smell.
Vanguard (emu) 
Afterlife is sweet.

Extremely likely. 

Occupy White Walls 
Scratches an itch.
World of Warcraft     
Does Classic count?
City of Heroes (emu) 
See Vanguard. Also, see SW:TOR, confusingly.

In with a very good chance.

Wizard 101  
Mid-table trier, always there or thereabouts.
Pirate 101   
Lord of the Rings Online  
You kind of have to, sometimes, don't you?
DC Universe Online  
Now that's what I call flying.
We fell out but we made up. Can't hold a grudge. Who knows how long we have left?

Been meaning to play these again for ages.

Dragon Nest
Hanging by a thread on PC but alive and well on Android. 
Twin Saga     
Stuck on a hump. Love to get over it. 
Elder Scrolls Online
There's so much of it.
Villagers and Heroes
Have they fixed the account issues yet? I really should check. 
Riders of Icarus 
Never underestimate the power of a plush wolf with stars on.
Project Gorgon  
Don't guilt trip me! I backed you, didn't I? Don't ask me to play, too!

Always good for a quick runaround.

Guild Wars
Makes no difference if it's in maintenance mode. It was always a single player game. 
Fallen Earth
I was subbed to this once, you know... 
Black Desert Online
Looks amazing but requires effort. Too much effort. 
Secret World Legends
Be nice to finish the story before it shuts down. Also, best clothes in MMOs.
Not quite as much fun now I've stopped drinking. 

Maybe one day.

I'd have to start drinking again to play this.
Neverwinter Online 
Talk to LotRO about bags if you want to see me again, NWO. You both have a problem.
Proper old school. And looks it. 
Have they fixed this yet? I suppose I should go find out. 
Return of Reckoning (Warhammer emu)
When you get the urge to herd a squig, where else are you going to go?

Maybe Never.

The Hammers End 
Want to buy an apostrophe.
AdventureQuest 3D
Makes me feel tired just thinking about it. 
There's no there there. 
EQ P2002 (EverQuest emu)
Got my screenshots. I'm out.
Star Trek Online
Altogether too close to the tv shows. 
Checked the dictionary. Found it under "Thing, not my". 
They did something to this, didn't they? Not sure I care enough to find out what.
Aw, Bless.


  1. "Don't guilt trip me! I backed you, didn't I? Don't ask me to play, too!"

    Count me in on that front. It is there in Steam, but I have not found the will to go dive in. There is always something else above it on my things to play list.

    1. You, me, Syp... I wonder how many backers are actually playing?

    2. If you look at Steamcharts, clearly not many.

      I'm mostly in the same boat. I sometimes decide to play it, delete my old character because I don't remember at what progression point I left him, make it through starting island, easily get overwhelmed in Serbule and stop playing. I think I've already repeated this exact pattern 3-4 times.

    3. ... I backed it as well. I also largely throw Crowfall in that bucket too. They got my money, and maybe someday they will turn into something I want to play >.>

  2. This reminds me that I should be cleaning up my desktop icons, like I’ve been intending to, for months. Haven’t found the discipline or time to go through them 1 by 1 though.

    The “Maybe Nevers” and “Maybe One Days” would be prime for deletion, or at least chucking into a “Maybe Someday” folder, and barely ever referred to again.

    Chalk up one more thing on the get-around-to-doing list...

    1. My solution is usually to buy more storage :P

  3. I generally think about this in IT terms for the sake of my poor SSD hard drive's free space.
    Always there, never uninstall:
    World of Warcraft

    Mostly always there, park on backup drive if space is low:
    GW2 (gotta log in to unlock free content)

    Only copied onto SSD to play, otherwise parked:
    ESO (it's one big install this one)

    Backup somewhere but it's probably so out of date it'd be quicker to re-download...
    The rest


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