Thursday, December 24, 2020

Winter Break


Here's wishing you all a most excellent winter break and let's hope for a considerably better year coming down the pike. 

Seriously, it's not a big ask, is it? And if Titanic Sinclair can find something to smile about then I guess we all ought to be able to. See you all on the other side.

Wait! Happy Hannukah, too!

Oh, go on then. Just one more!

And I'm out.


  1. 2021 would have to be better, wouldn't it? Happy Holidays :-)

  2. I was really impressed with Haim when I heard them on Saturday Night Live. Great song!

    Oh, and Happy Holidays!!!

  3. Merry Christmas, hope Mrs. Bhagpuss and yourself are having a great time of it all. :)

  4. Happy holidays and an awesome 2021 to us all.


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