Saturday, December 19, 2020

Naughty Or Nice?

I'm really pushed for time to post and if I wasn't it would only be more two-thousand word theses on the minutiae of the new EQII expansion. Probably need to space those out a little.

I was working on a collection of Christmas tunes that isn't going to get done in time but I did get as far as bookmarking half a dozen versions of James Brown's classic Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto so I'm gonna slam those up. Which would you choose? (Warning: there may not be a right answer to that question but there sure as hell are a couple of wrong ones...)

James Brown  - The one, the only, the incomparable Godfather of Soul. Can't really gainsay the Godfather but...

Snoop Doggy Dogg and a bunch of other people - I was never a big Snoop fan but this is really very fine indeed. I think I prefer it to the original. Not that I'd admit it. Oh, wait a moment...

Olympyk Ramis - Ghetto Santa -No, I never heard of him before either. He's good, isn't he? Although, hang on... that's not a cover, is it? It's a different song entirely. I knew that!

Darlene Love - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) is my favorite ever Christmas song but Darlene could sing the phone book and you'd be up there dancing. Okay, I would. I can't say what you'd be doing but you'd be a fool not to. Dance, that is.

Belle and Sebastian - Possibly one of the least appropriate covers ever. I mean, I love Belle and Sebastian but funky they are not. Makes you want to stage an intervention.

Fake Blood - Or maybe just pull the plugs. If there was a prize for sheer nerve these guys would take it. At least Belle and Sebastian sound kind of, oh, I dunno, respectful but these guys? What's with the tank top and that velvet jacket (or is it courderoy?). And a flying vee? When did you last see one of those? I'm hoping it's ironic but I'm not so sure and even if it is, is that any excuse? Bass player can play, though. 

Charlie Bliss and PUP - It's Christmas and I Fucking Miss You - After the last two I thought we needed a palate cleanser by someone who's doing what they do best rather than messing up what someone else does best. Best new Christmas song I've heard so far this year. Also, too many "bests" there...

And that's all for now. Stay frosty!

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