Thursday, July 7, 2022

Great Minds?

Boris Johnson resigns: “I’m immensely proud of the achievements of this government”

Quentin Tarantino says ‘Peppa Pig’ is the “greatest British import of this decade”

Headlines from consecutive news items I read at NME today. I don't think there's anything more I need to say.

Let's have some music. (Spoiler - You're not going to like any of it!)

Hero Journey - Chai (Feat. Superorganism) - Magnificent! There's a video but it's not out yet. There's a trailer for the video though because we live in a world where that's a thing that happens. Oh, what a joy to be alive...

I could have sworn I posted Superorganism's last collab with Chai a few months ago but if I did I can't find the post now. Oh, wait, no! Here it is! That time it was Superorganism hosting the Japanese noisepop outfit and now it's the other way around. To my ears both tracks sound like Superorganism.

Here's the other. See if I'm not right.

Teenager - Superorganism (Feat. Chai) - There. That'll save you having to click through the link, which I know none of you were going to do. I bet most of you skipped straight past it last time too, so we may as well have it again so you can do the same now. Not that I'm bitter.

The album's out in eight days and I have it on pre-order. Two days after that they're doing a signing and an in-store performance at a record store in the next city over from where I live. Fortunately it's on a day I'm working so I can pretend that's why I'm not going, rather than admitting I'm too lazy. And old. But mostly lazy.

While we're playing favorites, here's a version of a Wet Leg number for people who don't like Wet Leg. I guess there must be someone.

Too Late Now - Soulwax - I'd dance to that, only I'd need a resuscitation crew on standby. I guess I'll just sit here and oscillate.

Let's see... What else have I got? Oh, yeah...

I was going to do something about Drain Gang because it seemed like a thing I ought to have known about a lot sooner than I did and I didn't want to keep it to myself in case anyone else was still in the dark. I never got around to it and anyway everything you need to know is in the article where I learned about it and I'm not going to add anything by paraphrasing, so if you're interested maybe go read it.

I did peg a couple of tracks I particularly liked for use in the post that never was, so here they are.

Into Dust - Yung Lean, Bladee & White Armor - 2014. Another time. They'd give Sleaford Mods a run for their money in the "What does that guy who's just sort of standing there do, exactly?" stakes. Eight years later and they seem a lot livelier. Then again, they do have an audience this time.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Bladee & Ecco2K - Of course I was hoping it was going to be a cover of the Cyndi Lauper classic but honestly, there are probably more than enough covers of that already. 

Speaking of Cyndi, did you know her "original" was a cover?  TWIST! I bloody didn't. Not until I wrote this post. Here's the original original. This is why I have a blog. Also I love the way the YT comments reference personal nostalgia triggers from the 80s to the oughts. Sometimes other people just do my work for me.

Let's end with a recent favorite of mine, the band Mary Shelley, who are always called "the band Mary Shelley" to the point where I don't actually know if they're called Mary Shelley or the band Mary Shelley. I wouldn't mind, only I don't know where to put the italics.

Democracy Is Alive- Mary Shelley - I did know what they were called. I was just messing with you. Not the catchiest tune in their portfolio but it seemed appropriate somehow. Or ironic. One of those.

On to a bright new future!


  1. Well, blow me over and call me a lawn chair. I had no idea that Cyndi Lauper's version was a cover, either.

    But as for Peppa Pig, I will say this: it is popular enough in the US that there were news articles about parents being upset that their kids were speaking with a British accent --you know, the sort of thing that Fox News would spew out-- that maybe it's doing some good here in the States.

    1. I don't think anyone's arguing that Peppa pig doesn't make a lot of money, or that it isn't a globally successful brand/IP. To give it pre-eminence as the representation of your culture, though, takes a certain degree of dislocation from reality, I'd say. Peppa isn't even all that much liked, let alone loved, here in the UK. We kind of have to put up with her. We don't have to enjoy it!

    2. I look at it this way: at least it's not Teletubbies.


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