Thursday, July 14, 2022

That's A Wrap! Oh, Wait...

Just a brief update to my recent post about the adventurer's Signature Questline for EverQuest II's latest expansion, Visions of Vetrovia, which launched in December 2021. I finally finished it!

Compared to the pesky Vorrigan Mistmoore, the actual boss, Vorrigan's master (Sire? Father?) Mayong Mistmoore, was very easy. Scarcely, as they say, an inconvenience.  

Of course, I didn't actually have to kill Mayong Mistmoore. That would be ridiculous. He's made at least one run at godhood and stands not far off the pantheon even now. No, all I had to do was kill a priest he'd turned into an unwilling vassal and keep some werewolves from bringing him snacks.

But wait... why don't I let my bruiser tell you himself?

It's an odd trope of EQII, the post-match summary characters give to... well, themselves I guess. Ostensibly my Bruiser's writing this in his quest journal but it appears overhead in huge, blue letters, hangs there for all of half a second, then vanishes. Usually I miss it entirely but this time I was quick enough to snatch a screenshot. 

Also, props to my mercenary for trying to verdict Mayong! Can't fault her for nerve. Let's just hope he didn't notice.

Unlike every other instance in the Sig line, the finale takes place in a special quest version of the zone, not the regular mission. None of the bosses drop any loot, which I take as proof that this is intended to be a nice, comfortable, easy-mode finish. I'll have to go back and do the repeatable version to see if I'm right - and to get the loot I missed.

The reason for the soft finish is that it isn't the end of the story. Visions of Vetrovia returns to the old school wrap-up for an expansion, namely a raid. At the hand-in with Tavien Faust and later at the debrief  with Antonia Bayle, it's made absolutely clear that if Mayong is to be stopped it's going to take a gathering of heroes to do it, which is fair enough. He is almost a demi-god, after all.

I'm out, though. Or rather, I'm out for now. Give it a few expansions and another couple of level cap increases and I'll be able to solo that raid. And I probably will. I did eventually get to see the conclusion of the decade-long Ages End storyline that way and it was worth the wait.

For now, though, I still have plenty to do. Mayong may have escaped but the evil he brought to Vetrovia lives on. Or unlives, I guess, what with him being a vampire and all...

Finishing the Sig line opens several further questlines, including the zone and dropped item quests. It also allows you to see a new type of shinies for collections. Best of all, the flag you get for having completed the Sig qualifies you for the Merchant's Den instance and questline. Those were added in the April update and I was miffed not to be able to see the content at the time (Through no-one's fault but my own tardiness.)

325 Resolve. Noice!
I'm not sure whether the drops from that will be upgrades for my bruiser now, although two of the final rewards from the Sig line were, so it's likely. Upgrading is such a fast-moving target in EQII it hardly matters. It'll all be out of date by the autumn anyway. I just want to see the new zone and enjoy the story.

Now I have to decide whether to take anyone else through the Sig line. All the unlocks and flags are account-wide, so it's not necessary but I'm curious to see if it would be easier with my Necromancer. I keep saying I'm going to swap to her as my lead character for expansions and new at-cap content but somehow I've ended up benching my Berserker in favor of the Bruiser, which was never the plan.

Ah well, I'm sure it'll all work out in the end. It usually does.

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