Wednesday, August 31, 2022

After The Fair

Wahoo! Last day! One more post and we're done! If only I knew what I was going to write about...

Let's see, there's the traditional "What did we learn this time?" Blaugust wrap-up post... but no, I did that two days ago

Music posts are always fast and fun (For me, if not for anyone else.) but again, no. We had one of those yesterday. I knew I sould have saved it.

Okay, how about a "What I'm playing" diary post? They pretty much write themselves. Only it's half past nine in the evening and I haven't actually logged into a game yet. I didn't get home from work until half past six and by the time we'd eaten and taken Beryl for a walk it was already dark. The nights are drawing in, aren't they?

Anyway, even if I had played something it would only have been Noah's Heart because that's literally all I play now. It's double-teamed with Blaugust to take up all the available hours in the month. I still have a zillion things to say about it but even I'm starting to wish I had another game to write about, just for the sake of variety.

I could bounce off someone else's post. That's always a solid, team-spirited tack. It would be thoroughly in keeping with the event and a highly appropriate way to close the month . Only those kinds of posts generally take a lot of writing. By definition they have to begin with some actual inspiration and it would just be rude to riff off someone else's work without putting in the effort. I really don't have either the time or the energy for a post like that right now.

Let's see. What else is there? Oh, I know! Screenshots! That always works. Just open a folder, flip through a few shots, pull out some good ones, maybe give them a few tweaks, then start slotting them in and writing captions. You'd be surprised how often that turns into something with a theme or a structure or a narrative that makes it looks like I had it in mind all along.

Yeah, but I've jinxed it now, haven't I? It's the old explaining the magic thing. Now I've said it, you know it won't happen. Nix that, then

Hmm. Running out of ideas here. There's nothing bugging me enough for a rant. Well, I'm sure I could think of something but who wants to be one of those people who can get angry about the bunting still being up the day after the fair? (Actual example drawn from life.)

Speaking of the fair, we walked Beryl through the park this morning on my way to work and they were striking the tents from the fair. Well, they didn't have tents. More motor caravans. But most of the rides were down or gone.

It's the last time, too. A month ago the posters went up announcing it was the Final Tour. You may have seen this fair without realizing. It's been in several big movies - Paddington 2 and Rocketman for example - and some TV shows.

The plan is to sell the whole fair (It's a kind of museum, really.) to someone who'll house it on a fixed site and run it as a kind of Heritage Experience. I'm not sure there are going to be many takers for that idea but let's hope.

The owners were encouraging people to take lots of photos and video of the fair's last hurrah. We didn't know that when we went last week. We only went because we wanted see what Beryl would think of it.

Somewhat counter-intuitively, given dogs are supposed to be freaked out by loud or sudden noises, she loves loud, bangy-crashy machinery. We had to put her on her lead yesterday before she could go and investigate a hay bailer. 

She's also crazy for anything where a lot of people gather together so we thought she might enjoy it but in fact she barely seemed to notice, even with blaring fifties rock and roll coming at her from all sides. It was only when we came to the very loudest ride on the site she briefly looked up and paid attention.

Anyway, I did take some video of her and by default of the fair itself. It's on my phone still. It's always a pain to get anything off there and onto the PC. I wonder if I have time... 

Wow! That worked! Sorry, it's super thrown together and not tidied up and I had to cut some of the best shots of the rides to keep Mrs Bhagpuss off screen. She would not be happy if I'd left her in. 

Still, it's there and it gives you the general feel of the thing. Even from this brief moment you can hear what a great choice of music they'd made. It went way beyond the usual fifties classics we've all heard a million times. If anyone knows what the first tune that's playing is, please drop a note in the comments.

I guess that's about it. A textbook example of where a post can go if you just let it run and hang on for the ride. That about wraps it up for Blaugust 2022.

See you all next year. Or, in fact, tomorrow, because I'm not going anywhere.


  1. Your "find a blogpost" technique sounds very familiar to my own! :) I can see why they used that fair in so many movies. It's spinning with nostalgia.

    1. I was very happy we got to visit it on its final tour. I haven't been to the fair since the kids were in school and they're all in their 30s now.

  2. See, this is the mark of an old* pro. When finding substance feels like a drag, pivot to a rumination on process and craft, a bit in the style of Stewart Lee. And you can always zoom out to higher meta-levels, as you flirt with doing here.

    The fair shots more than satisfy as substance, though. I'm surprised that something so relentlessly American-seeming has been an English fixture for so long. I wouldn't write its new static incarnation off too quickly; as we've seen in MMOs, nostalgia is an inexplicably powerful force. The creakier the bobbing horses and the less legible the typefaces, the better...

    *) 'old' meant in the sense of respectably experienced, I should rush to underscore...

    1. Heh! I knew what you meant and thanks. I do like a bit of meta and a bit of process too. It wouldn't do for all readers but these days just about everyone who comes here either has or used to have a blog of their own so it seems like a good bet there'll be some recognition value at least.

      I hope the fair does find a permanent home. It is pretty much a living museum so it would be fitting.


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