Sunday, August 28, 2022

Motorcycles And Mounts In Noah's Heart

Like my bike? I got it tonight. It didn't cost me anything but time. 

Thirty days, it was. Thirty days, logging in. Just that.

Noah's Heart launched on July 28. I logged in for the first time on July 29. Thirty days ago, exactly. I haven't missed a day.

The thing is, I haven't been logging in just to get the bike. I wanted the bike, yes, but I was logging in because I wanted to play the game. The bike was just a nice bonus for something I was doing anyway.

I do like a motorcycle in an mmorpg. I think this is my third. I had one in City of Steam and another in The Secret World. Or Secret World Legends. Either or both. 

I'm not much of a biker in real life. I've been on a motorcycle just  a handful of times, riding pillion back when I was in my teens. I was a bad passenger. I leant the wrong way. 

I never even thought about getting a motorbike of my own but if there's the chance to own one in a game I'm always interested. When it rains in games I don't get wet and if I fall off I don't go to hospital. Or the morgue.

My bike in Noah's Heart has a name. That's a first, I think. It's called Sky Devourer, which kind of suggests maybe it can fly. I hope it can fly. A flying bike would be all kinds of cool.

There's a page of stats for my bike. There's even a diagram. 

I understand the stats. I don't understand the diagram.

I don't need to understand any of it to ride the thing, fortunately. As soon as I got it I took it for a spin.

It handles nicely enough. Mounts in Noah's Heart have some inertia but not, thank god, anything like in Guild Wars 2. Just enough to feel it, not enough to make you throw up.

The Sky Devourer makes a somewhat throaty noise setting off but sounds more like a lawnmower when it gets going. Or a wasp trapped in a Coke can. It's okay. I've heard worse.

I thought I'd see them everywhere now the thirty days are up but so far I've only seen one other. Then again, I've only been on for a few minutes, just long enough to take the shots to write the post.

I'd like to write something in a little more detail about mounts generally in the game. There are four types: horses, mounts, vehicles and ships. 

Horses come in many kinds. They roam around in the wild. You need a lasso to catch them, then you have to play a mini-game to tame them. It's not hard. 

You can feed them and level them up and there's a whole breeding deal involving bloodlines and who knows what-all. I haven't gotten into it yet. I probably won't. Animal husbandry's not really my thing.

Mounts are any riding animal not a horse. There are three I know of and two of those are just different colors of Llama. The other's a wolf. 

The llamas can be bought in stores. One's a store I don't even know how to see, the other's in a store that uses a currency I don't know how to get. And it's not listed there anyway. I've seen people riding them, though, so someone's worked out how to get them.

The llamas make some really annoying noises. I can hear them if they're nearby when I'm crafting in town. I wouldn't want one even if I knew how to get one. 

Actually, I do know how to get one. Or rather, I do now. After I wrote that I didn't I went back into the game and clicked on the icon that says Treasure Record, under "Obtain by purchasing in Adventure Store" and it took me to the shop.

It isn't in the Adventure Store at all. There is no Adventure Store except when the translation says there is. There is a "Treasure Record", though. It's a sub-department of Trading Port

The llama costs 20,000 Illusion Crystals. They look like pink stars. You get them from "Open World Adventure Mode" or by completing "Area Missions". I must have done that because I have 3001 of them. Maybe one day I'll have enough to buy a llama.

I don't want to buy a llama, though. I would like the wolf. The wolf is called Forest Wolf and it you get it from an event. It doesn't say which event, even if you click on the icon that says "Event". 

If you click on the icon that says "Rare Boutique", though, the other way you can get the wolf, it takes you to a sub-department of Treasure Store called Trendy House. There's no wolf there.

This is why I am not writing any guides to Noah's Heart. It's probably why no-one is. I imagine most people find it frustrating, infuriating even. To me it's one of the reasons I'm so wrapped up in the game. It's more like being in a foreign country than most mmorpgs and I enjoy it.

I would like to figure out where to get the wolf some day, all the same. Also, I'd really like to get the Flashing Sword, which is a car that looks something like a cross between a Bugatti and a tiger shark. 

The Flashing Sword is one of the Vehicles. The other two are the bike I'm riding and another bike, called The Terminator. There are no helpful icons to tell you how to get any or them. Maybe they'll also be login rewards one day.

The final category is Ships and there are just two of those right now. One is Explorer, "an ordinary, wooden sailboat" although it looks far from ordinary. It's "capable of handling long-distance voyages".

If I log in every day for the next nine days I'll have Explorer. It takes fourteen logins and I've done five already. I want it more than I wanted Sky Devourer so I will get it. There is no doubt.

I would love to get the other ship, too. It's called Heart of Ocean, it's "the flagship vessel of the Gulf Stream Royal Guard" and although it's much slower than explorer its a lot bigger and tougher. I don't know how dangerous sailing the seas is going to be but I don't imagine ships would  need hit points if there was nothing to worry about.

This has all run on rather longer than I expected. I was only going to post a few pictures of my bike. I didn't even do that. Let's have one now.

 Never mind. I learned a lot.

What? You thought I knew this stuff already? Nope. Most of what I know about Noah's Heart I find out as I write these posts.

If I didn't have a blog I probably wouldn't know anything at all.


  1. I’d play just to get that car. Then the ships. How is the house coming along? Atheren

    1. Slowly is the answer. There's so much to do in the game I haven't really had the time to concentrate on furniture-making as much as I hoped. I really need to get on that.

  2. ::vroom vroom::

    /singing "Booorrrn to be wiiiilld!!!"

    1. I nearly went with "Motorbikin'" as a title (Chris Spedding classic if you don't know it - not sure if it was a hit outside the UK) but I'm experimenting with informative post titles for a while.

    2. I haven't heard it before, but having listened to it, the song has a vibe that's a damn good mashup of 50s rockabilly with a punk sensibility. Like how The Ramones channel the surf sound into their music.

  3. So... the motorbike has some form of crew stat... But the boat... doesn't?

    Makes about as much sense as everything else I've seen about this game so far! xD

    1. Ooh! I hadn't spotted that. That is weird. Cars hold up to four people and you can choose which seats each person sits in and who drives. First time I got in one it wouldn't move because I was the only person and I'd got into the back seat somehow! Bikes are two-seaters, obviously.

      I have no idea how ships work. I'm wondering if there's going to be some kind of PvP sea battle element but that's just speculation. It is weird that they would be just one-person vehicles but that could as easily be a documentation error as anything.

  4. Cue Syd Barrett or Richard Thompson, mebbe both. :D

    ~~ 7rlsy


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