Sunday, October 30, 2022

You'd Be Prettier If You Smiled.

For reasons that now escape me, back in February I decided to post the first season of Adult Wednesday Addams. I must have been having one of those weeks...

I was complaining in the interstitials about how the web used to be more fun. I asked people to recommend ways it still might be, in the comments.

No-one did, of course.

I also asked if someone would be kind enough to remind me to post Season Two for Halloween.

No-one did, of course. I remembered, anyway.

At the time, I mentioned how surprised I was to see these dark gems still gleaming, up on YouTube. I'm doubly surprised, today.

I thought the imminent arrival of Tim Burton's Wednesday might have hammered in that final nail. Apparently not.

Wise move, Tim. You wouldn't want to tick Wednesday off, now would you?

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