Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Wolves Can Smell Petulance... And Body Glitter.

It's Wednesday. We deserve a treat. If you've seen these before you'll be glad for an excuse to see them again. If you haven't... what crypt have you been hiding in?

I started out planning a post filled with songs about Wednesdays but no-one writes songs about the middle of the week. Or not good ones. Then I thought of this.

I was a little surprised to see both seasons were still up on YouTube. I thought they'd been taken down long ago.

I hate to get all nostalgic but didn't the web used to be fun? Or more fun, anyway.

 I mean, we had Adult Wednesday Addams, Poppy, Pronunciation Book...

Is there anyone still doing stuff like that? If anyone knows, don't keep it to yourself. The comment section is right down there.

 And that's the whole of the first season. Someone remind me to post Season Two for Halloween.

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