Wednesday, August 1, 2012

MMO Goes F2P Shock! : TSW

Hands up who checks the website of their current MMO every day? Every week?

I think the last time I visited Funcom's The Secret World front page was mid-July and before that it was during beta. If it wasn't for Syp at BioBreak I wouldn't have known about the "win a special in-game t-shirt AND 1200 bonus points* (for the in-game store) if you solve 30 in-game missions!" promotion this weekend. Thanks for that Syp. I know what I'll be doing all Sunday.

I'm taking it as read that "the weekend" in this case means "From Friday, August 3rd at 4pm GMT until Monday, August 6th at 7am GMT" because that's how long the other promotion lasts. The one where anyone, anyone at all, yes even you, gets to play The Secret World for absolutely nothing. Funcom are so darn proud of themselves.. no, wait, let them tell it...

"We are so proud of what we have made and want YOU to join us and try the game out for FREE this coming celebration weekend!"

Exclamation points and boldface! How proud is that?!

If you need me to tell you...
If you haven't yet given TSW a spin, this is the time. All it'll cost you is a download. And your sanity as you try to complete Missions in Kingsmouth along with the other ten thousand cheapskates keen comparison shoppers. I'm just glad I'll be in Transylvania.

Seriously, it's a great opportunity to try a really good MMO for no money and I heartily recommend it. The free client is here - get it now, it'll save you time when it goes F2P. (/wave SW:ToR).

Wait, there's more. "There will also be free fireworks for everyone! This weekend only you will be able to claim free fireworks - 20 per character! Brighten the sky and lighten the mood in these dark days, it's time to party!"

Fireworks. What is it with the fireworks every time? Hellspawn coming to kill your first-born? Never mind, have this bottle rocket! Attritional civil war and imminent dragon attack? Don't be glum! Here's a sparkler!

Lack of realism won't stop me grabbing my twenty. Hey, free is free! You can bet I'll be tutting and rolling my eyes when I let them off, though.

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