Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Going On Holiday By Mistake : GW2

I made an Asura. I didn't mean to. It just happened. And went on happening. What I thought about the cabbage patch starting area? This wasn't that!

After gawping at Rata Sum for a while I ran out and started to explore. Somehow I didn't stop running until I hit Lion's Arch. I didn't mean to. It just happened. There's a pattern here, somewhere...

I was level three when I left the Asuran heartlands of Metrica Province and running was such a joyous pleasure I didn't feel like stopping. So I didn't. I ran through Caledon Forest, which wasn't too scary, then across Kessex Hills, which was. In Gendarran Fields I could see Lion's Arch, surreal on the horizon and there I was.

I didn't know I was going until I went so I didn't begin filming until I was well on the journey. I kept to the road and only died twice, both times in Kessex Hills, once with the full screen map open and once when I was fiddling with FRAPS.

After the first death I was lying there, still with the map open, cursing myself for missing the previous waypoint and wondering how far back I'd have to restart, when a kind passer-by revived me with the words I remember so well from so many other worlds - "Lol! What's a Level 3 doing here?".

In truth, traveling in Tyria isn't that challenging for a young 'un. The roads are relatively, although by no means completely, safe and while predators can smell weakness from a mile away (read highly increased agro radius in areas where you have no business being) so far I haven't encountered anything that runs faster than I do. If you can get ahead of a wolf you can stay ahead of him until he loses interest.

Of course, with Asura Gates in every town there's no need to run to Lion's Arch. Still and all, everyone should do it at least once. Just to say they've done it.

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