Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Guild Wars 2 Checklist

Patch the game.

Choose a server. 

Check who else chose the same server. 

Choose another server.

Decide which race to play first (Charr, Duh!)

Decide which class to play first (Ranger, Duh!)

Think of a name. 

Think of a better name. 

Think of a good name. 

Go look at some books by writers who are good at names. Steal one.

Patch the game again.

Choose a tradeskill.

Check what tradeskill Mrs Bhagpuss chose.

Have an argument over who should do which tradeskill.

Chose a different tradeskill.

Buy enough Diet Coke, coffee and red wine for least three days.

Consider health implications.

Buy more wine.

And food! Don't forget food!

Patch the game again.

Try to remember name of server.

Go back to website. Write it down this time.

Do not start planning a second character.

No, really. Not even if it's an Asuran Engineer.

Decide on preferred variant spelling of own guild name.

Remember what happened last time.

Write down exact spelling of own guild name and tape to monitor.

Put fresh battery in alarm clock. Go to bed.

Oh, go on then, one more patch! 


1 comment:

  1. health concerns, hmpfff... :P
    reading this just made me even more antsy than I already was!! -.- picking the right server will be my main challenge, as I have no idea how to go about that yet.


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