Thursday, July 15, 2021

You'll Be My Mirror

In the spirit of shorter posts, here's one that probably ought to be a tweet, if only I was on Twitter. Which, technically, I am, not that I ever log in.

I was amused yesterday to see the following announcement on Pitchfork:

Kurt Vile, Michael Stipe, Iggy Pop, St. Vincent, and More Cover Velvet Underground & Nico for Tribute Album

Sounds kind of familiar...

I suspect the upcoming version is going to be a tad more commercial than mine would have been. Here's the line-up:

01 Michael Stipe: “Sunday Morning
02 Matt Berninger: “I’m Waiting for the Man
03 Sharon Van Etten with Angel Olsen: “Femme Fatale
04 Andrew Bird / Lucius: “Venus in Furs
05 Kurt Vile & The Violators: “Run Run Run
06 St. Vincent / Thomas Bartlett: “All Tomorrow’s Parties
07 Thurston Moore: “Heroin” [ft. Bobby Gillespie]
08 King Princess: “There She Goes Again
09 Courtney Barnett: “I’ll Be Your Mirror
10 Fontaines D.C.: “The Black Angel’s Song of Death
11 Iggy Pop / Matt Sweeney: “European Son

Positively an all-star affair compared to what I went with:

01 Petite Meller: “Sunday Morning
02 Dan Lyons: “I’m Waiting for the Man
03 Sasha Belyava: “Femme Fatale
04 Ängie: “Venus in Furs
05 Emily Loizeau: “Run Run Run
06 A.B.B.A feat. Elfin Bow: “All Tomorrow’s Parties
07 Opal feat. Hope Sandoval: “Heroin
08 Hatsune Miku: “There She Goes Again
09 Emma Elisabeth: “I’ll Be Your Mirror
10 You Can't Win, Charlie Brown.: “The Black Angel’s Death Song
11 Matt Berninger: “European Son

Matt Berninger is the only one to make both lists. And he picked what are, in my opinion, and for very different reasons, the two hardest tracks to cover. Good on you, Matt!

I look forward to hearing the results. Those are some very talented people. 

So far all we have to judge by is Kurt Vile's take on "Run Run Run". He's been a big favorite of Mrs Bhagpuss since she saw him do a televised Glastonbury set a couple of years back. I like him too, although not as much as she does. He sets a high bar for the rest of them, I'd say.

The full version clocks in at a mesmeric seven minutes. I recommend listening to it in full. There's no video for long version, though, so we're going to have to have to settle for the four-minute radio edit instead.

Now I need to think of another album I can wreck. Not that I want to give anyone ideas.

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