Sunday, July 18, 2021


Mmorpgs are so big, aren't they? Not the worlds, all that travel, vast distances across plains, over oceans, all those hours on horseback, in hot air balloons. Not the trail of footprints in the snow, the desert sand, glazing into the shimmering distance. 

Not those. The other footprints. The ones on your hard drive.

I have most, if by no means all, of my mmorpgs stashed on my third internal drive, the E: Drive. They're in a folder cannily called "MMOs". It's a 2TB mechanical drive and that one folder takes up almost half of it: 982GB of data, which breaks down as follows:

Auteria - 643Mb

Black Desert Online - 39.3GB

Blade & Soul - 58.8GB

City of Heroes - 4.45GB

Crowns of Power - 1.65GB

Dino Storm - 194MB

Dragon Nest 2019 - 18.2GB

Dragon Nest EU - 434MB

Dragon Nest Oracle - 224MB

Dragon Nest Origins - 9.74GB

EverQuest - 15.5GB

Fallen Earth - 6.67GB

Fortnite - 34.2GB

Genshin Impact - 25.0GB

Glyph (for ArcheAge) - 27.0GB

Guild Wars - 3.86GB

GW2 - 50.0GB

Icarus Online - 44.4GB

Kingsisle Entertainment (for Wizard 101 and Pirate 101) - 9,44GB

NCSoft (for Aion) - 28.2GB

Neverwinter - 26.3GB

Portalarium (for Shroud of the Avatar) - 8.14GB

Vanguard - 38.8GB

Secret World Legends - 50.5GB

Square Enix (for FFXIV and FFXIV:ARR, separately) - 47.1GB

Star Citizen -  51.0GB

Star Trek Online - 13.7GB

Star Wars - The Old Republic - 40.9GB

Test EverQuest - 15.8GB

The Hammers End - 1.05GB

The Lord of the Rings Online - 30.6GB

Villagers and Heroes - 4.72GB

Warhammer Redux - 20GB

Wildstar - 12.6GB

World of Warcraft - 101GB

Saving the biggest for last, there. Also, it doesn't add up to what I said, if anyone was nuts enough to check, because inevitably I have let things get in there that I shouldn't have. I didn't list those.


Other things that might ought to be there... aren't. Anything I originally installed via Steam is going to be in one of my three Steam directories, for a start. I have no idea what's in which. That's why I have Steam in the first place, to take care of the boring details. I just made three to spread the load.

Some notable exceptions you'll have spotted, no doubt, include EverQuest II, currently sitting on the C: Drive for no particularly good reason and weighing in at 42.6GB. Elder Scrolls Online, on my D: Drive, that's another 71.9GB. 

DCUO is in its default folder, the path being an abstruse C:/Users/Public/Daybreak Game Company/Installed Games, where it is in fact the only game installed. Never let mmorpgs put themselves where they want to go is my advice. Not if you ever want to find them again.

There's another installation of WoW on the D: Drive, too. Must be an old one. It's half the size at 52.GB. Oh, wait, I bet one has Classic in and the other doesn't. I don't suppose I need two versions of Retail. I should probably do something about that. But I probably won't.

The thing is, when I clean house, uninstall the mmorpgs I haven't played for years, delete the ones that have gone out of business and will never be playable again, next thing I know there's some free offer or comeback deal or someone's made an emulator that requires an original installation and off I go again. It's easier to buy new storage, frankly.

I was prompted to make this tedious list for several reasons:

  1. I promised myself I was going to do more List posts. There should be more List posts. Everyone should do list posts. List posts are great! I have a plan to do more that I'm mulling over but I thought doing this one would help me get back in practice.
  2. I'm patching Riders of Icarus as I type. I have a good cable connection and the download is flying along but I've still had time to write all this and there's about twenty minutes to go. I am, naturally, patching up because I heard there was free stuff for returnees. Given the sheer amount of free stuff RoI gives away as standard I felt I had to see what extra bribes they'd come up with this time.
  3. It's too hot to write a post where I have to think much. Yes, I know other people have it this hot and hotter for months at a stretch but you have air conditioning and houses that are designed for temperatures in the 30s. We don't.
  4. I think there was another reason but I forget what it was. See reason #3.

Oh yes, I remember the last reason. Tomorrow, all being well, I should get an invite to the New World closed beta. I've had a pre-order since last December. I'm working tomorrow but I have the following two days free so I ought to be able to give it a run, see how much has changed. I suspect it's going to be everything.

But first I'll have to download the thing. I did at least remember to uninstall last year's alpha, on the grounds that it might screw something up if I didn't. I wonder how big the finished thing is going to be. Bloody huge, I bet. 

I might have to delete that spare copy of World of Warcraft after all.


  1. Wow. Wildstar.

    I was just talking to my oldest about that game, and how I'd wished it would have done better.

    1. I keep it on there purely in the hope that someone will eventually get an emulator running, which might require a build later than the original box, which I also have. That there is still no viable Wildstar emu or private server project tells you just about everything you need to know about why the game closed down.

  2. Gosh, that's some list.

    Of course I knew that you have tried out many more different MMORPGs than I have, and also that you tend to keep a lot of them installed, but man...there is more than one game on that list I hadn't even heard of until now (three to be precise).

    I think you should be awarded an honorary doctor title for MMORPGs or something. ;-)

    1. That'd be nice!

      I keep thinking about doing my "All the mmos I ever played" list. If I count anything I ever downloaded and logged into it must be well over 150 now. It was over a hundred last time I did it and that was years ago. I'll add it to my list of lists.


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