Sunday, January 16, 2022

To L And Back

As promised, or maybe that should be threatened, here's the second instalment of my unstructured rummage through the NME's 100 Essential Emerging Artists for 2022.  The list is organized alphabetically and I'm drifting down from the As, grabbing onto anything I fancy. 

Given that I started yesterday's first run-through in the Es, you might assume I didn't find too much of interest in the first four letters but that would be unfair to all those no doubt fine acts. I just haven't listened to many of them yet. Also a couple I do like had videos I didn't particularly want to link for one reason or another and I hadn't had time to ferret out alternatives.

To demonstrate how no-one should read anything significant into any omissions, I left out one of my favorites yesterday, even though it's a name beginning with "F". I already knew about flowerkid before the NME told me I should pay attention, although only by a few weeks. I think enough of him not to throw his first appearance here away on a portmanteau post, whose main reason for existing is that I'm too tired to write a real one. We'll get to him later.

Today we still haven't gotten out of the Gs. Here's Grrrl Gang.

I know them! Of them, I mean. They're in a post from almost exactly two years ago, when I described them as "excellent". Two points to me! Not that I'm keeping score. Indonesia seems like a great place for indie bands. And so does Australia.

That could honestly have been written and recorded almost any time in the last forty years. Or the next forty, most likely. Speaking of sounds that never go out of style, I'd follow High School with the next-but-one on the NME's list, Horsegirl doing Billy, only we already had it here, back in November. Two points! Okay, I'll stop doing that now.

This isn't the track listed for Infinite Coles, who's the son of Ghostface Killah from Wu-Tang Clan, if that matters. (I guess it always matters and doesn't at the same time, when people have heritage.) I like this one better, plus it has pictures that move.

I'm not just going to link the whole list as it comes, although if you're checking it does look like I am. Sometimes stuff clumps up. I listen to a fair amount of contemporary Spanish music, what with having Elefant Records on sub. They have a storming twee scene, not that it has anything to do with this.

Irenegarrry is new to me, which surprises me a little, if only because, according to the NME's notes, "her first hit was an equally potty-mouthed Spanish cover of Lana Del ReysNorman Fucking Rockwell’" I tend to notice things like that.

Took me a while to find it, too. She changed the title into Spanish as well. Here it is. Enjoy it. It's delicious.

Skipping over a whole bunch of acts and songs I liked but didn't love, let's end on this one. Not sure I love the whole thing but I know I do love the colors in the video and the wigout at the end.

 That'll do for now. If I'm careful I can get a month or two of weekends out of this!

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