Saturday, January 15, 2022

Ones To Watch. E.G. These

As promised, one very quick post on a musical theme. Very likely another tomorrow. We'll see when we get there. At least it's not another post about Chimeraland, eh? There's something to cheer about.

Weekends are likely to go this way in future. My work pattern looks to be every Sunday and every other Saturday so weekends are going be my weeks, mostly. 

Weekends are a good time for music posts anyway. It's a blogging truism that fewer people read blogs on weekends and music posts have the twin benefits of not going out of date quite as fast as gaming posts, so it matters less if people don't get to them for a few days.

Plus no-one really reads them, probably. I do them for my own amusement, mostly.

Here's what I'm going to do this time and maybe the next few times. Following on from the two New Year lists I plundered for ideas on who to look out for next, this week I was very pleased to get this alphebitized selection of one hundred "Essential Emerging Artists" from the NME. I only recognized a handful of names so I've been digging in to see if there's anyone I ought to know about.

I've found a few. Not too many so far, if I'm honest, but a hundred is a lot. I haven't seen half of them yet. I've been cherry-picking the ones that look like they ought to be interesting, which isn't the way to do it. 

Good enough to give me a couple or three for this post, all the same.

It's a pity Charlie XCX says hyperpop is over. I'm just realizing almost every new thing I really like says "hyperpop" somewhere in the description. Always late to the party, me. Fantasize is the ericdoa track the NME recommends as a starting point. It's fine but but I prefer his collab with glaive.

Glaive is an even bigger name in hyperpop than ericdoa, apparently. I'm not surprised with tunes like i  wanna slam my head against the wall. It reels with that classic pop twist. I love the lack of love for upper case, too. Sucker for that, always.

Just so it's not all glitch glitch glitch here's three girls with guitars and for a bonus they come from about twelve miles west of where I'm sitting. I have a feeling I know where that video was shot.

So reminiscent. SO. That's where my wheelhouse used to be until I moved it. I still have the keys, though. Grazer, up next, also remind me of a lot of people I like. Different people, obviously.

Describing bands by comparing them to other bands is crass but anyone who's been paying attention here knows just who I think Grazer sound like. 

And that's enough for one post. Thirty minutes that took me. Still got time to do some dailies before bed.

It was fun! Let's do it again tomorrow.

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