Saturday, December 17, 2022

Day Seventeen

Brenna Red - Punk Rock Christmas


  1. Wait, punk rockers drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon beers? Can they be punk and hipster at the same time?

    Outside of that, an awesome song.

    1. The significance of the beer in question completely passed me by. If I knew it at all, which was vaguely at best, it was as a working stiff's basic beer. I've never seen it on sale in the UK and as far as I know it has no cultural significance of any kind over here but I've just been reading about the way it swerved in the 20-teens from a olde, dying brand known mostly by old, soon-to-die men to a hip choice for self-aware twenty-somethings. Fascinating story. Whether it has any particular meaning in the video I wouldn't care to say but probably it does. It's a very clever, well-thought out narrative.

    2. Oh yes, I was amused when PBR made a comeback. Not that I didn't mind, because there's a lot of regional beers out there that are better than the national brands, but I was surprised that it was the hipster crowd that moved into that space.


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