Saturday, December 24, 2022

Day Twenty-Four - Christmas Eve


  1. Ooo... A double dip without worrying about blood sugar! (Or salt!)

    I'm not the biggest K-Pop fan --that'd be one of the Mages on our old Vanilla Classic raid team-- but that's a good song. And Blossoms are, well, Blossoms. (Although I kept hearing "Freebird" instead of "three words", but that's my pre-coffee brain right now.)

    1. I know virtually nothing about KPop but I've seen a few Stray Kids videos and they seem reliably solid. Blossoms only really came to my attention when they did the Smiths thing with Rick Astley in the Morrissey role, which I thought was hysterical. They seem super-nice, which may not be the first thing a rock band wants to hear about themselves...


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