Monday, November 5, 2012

Another Bite Of The Apple : Regnum Online

With so much attention focused on GW2 it's easy to forget that other worlds have their Halloweens too. Hardly surprising, what with it being the only major holiday for the undead, I guess.

Oh but wait! It's not, is it? There's Dia de las Muertas, which  conveniently falls the following day on November first. And since Regnum Online is a Latin American MMO, that's the one they choose to celebrate.

I'd forgotten about RO after my brief flirtation back in May this year but they sent me an email reminding me not to miss the celebrations so I popped in for a minute or twenty.

But they looked so red and juicy!
I love the clean, stylized look of RO. I doubt there's much depth there but the surface is lovely. Look at those crisp, clean shadows and that cool blue snow.

As usual in a game I've not visited for a while I ran around aimlessly, gawping. Since I was there looking for spooky holiday fun I was lucky to bump into a cauldron full of apples all ready for a bobbing.  

One was enough, though. What would an MMO holiday be without costumes and illusions? Rubbish, that's what, so it's just as well these apples turned out to be magic! One bite and presto! Quilted legless dwarf!

Less magic was my internet connection which chose exactly that moment to fritz out on me and when I got back the Cauldron had vanished. I traveled a lot further than I've ever been before and found some interesting and attractive mountain towns, but I never found another. Spooky holiday fun, there was none.

RO appears to have had some updates since I last was there and the website looks splendid. According to the Roadmap the dev team is hard at work on both new features and content. The Auction House they mention there as scheduled for September-December is already in which bodes well for that third expansion! I saw quite a few people running around even though I must have been miles form the center of the action. It seems like a fine game and it's nice to see it thriving. I'd be very happy to give it more time if only I had more time to give.

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