Saturday, November 17, 2012

City of Steam Beta Keys

Just a very quick public service announcement:

The first City of Steam Beta weekend started yesterday. I did finally get my key in the mail so I won't be needing one of Vagabond's after all. If anyone else wants to take a look at help test this very fine upcoming kind-of MMO, as I write this ONRPG still have over 1700 to give away. No doubt there are plenty more sprinkled around the internets.

This is a very busy weekend, what with Lost Shores and the paint still wet on Storm Legion so I don't think I'll get much steaming done but there are four weekends in all:

Springtide (Nov. 16th to 20th)

Summercrest (Nov. 30th to Dec. 4th)

Autumnwane (Dec. 14th to 18th)

Winter Festival (Dec. 23 to 28th)

Long weekends, too as you can see.

Well worth a look if you haven't tried it already.

[Edit] Sod it! Just logged in to character select to take the screenshot above - the new introduction and that wonderful music is more than I can resist - there go my plans for the weekend!

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