Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kill Ten Rabbits : GW2

I really have no excuse for this, let alone any reason, but I made it so here it is:

I wonder about myself sometimes...


  1. But but...whhhyyyyyyyyyyy ???! =(

    I actually cringed at every single shot. I need to stop anthropomorphizing virtual rabbits...

    1. I know - it's painful to watch! The death animations in GW2 are often very amusingly done but there's a point where they become almost bad taste and I think this might go past it.

      It all started when I logged my then-level 74 Engineer in and found him in the tough part of Frostgorge where I'd logged out after Jormag. He had a daily to do and there were rabbits all around... it just kind of span out of control from there.

    2. Elems have some funky finishers, at first I didn't even notice. I don't think its necessarily bad; death is too trivialized in MMOs. I mean...we don't even consider it killing anymore when we 'grind' hundreds of mobs. Somehow thats weird, hm.

  2. I cackled madly on some of the most poignant death scenes.

    I'm wondering about MYSELF, now.

  3. I love it ! I will try ! MOUHAHAHAHAHHA

  4. Working on indiscriminate slayer hmm?

    I'll kill the odd rabbit for daily kill variety... but, man, watching them slump over and squeak in that video.. I kept going "Awww, poor rabbit :(".


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