Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cats! Come On, You Love 'em!

Bloggers will occasionally post about the odd or entertaining search terms that bring people to their sites. Wilhelm, The Ancient Gaming Noob always includes a highly amusing section on "Search Terms of the Month" in his monthly review, for example.

I love to look at mine. Some of them are surpassingly weird, yet still explicable. Doesn't always stop them being disturbing.

Quite a while back, after a very early GW2 beta weekend, I mentioned a bugged Charr NPC in Fields of Ashford, who appeared to have forgotten to put his armor on. For months "charr naked" appeared in the top ten search terms for Inventory Full, leading me to seriously wonder what people were doing with their spare time.

I've always resisted the temptation to post them, mostly because I don't get enough that are genuinely amusing to merit it. I can almost always work out how a given search term ended up sending someone towards a dissatisfying two or three seconds on my blog. This  evening, however, I spotted one that floored me:

"a cat followed me in the door"

I could not for the life of me work out how typing that into Google might have led anyone to my blog. So I typed it into Google. And I paged down. And down. And down.

On page nine of the search results I found the link to this post, which is barely relevant.

Leaving aside the question mark this sets against the accuracy of Google, who is still clicking links nine pages into the search results? Did they read them all? Had the previous eight pages of feline portal pursuit penetration failed to satisfy their desire for clarity? And, most importantly, should I post more about cats, Charr or otherwise, to get my page views up?

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