Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mind The Gap : GW2

Hardship Posting
Just before Christmas Rowan at I Have Touched The Sky pointed out that a dynamic world doesn't necessarily mean one where dragons set your hat on fire every five minutes. A few "Men at Work" signs and two Charrs warming their paws at a brazier can be every bit as dynamic as a zombie uprising.

I was banking in Lion's Arch the other day when someone asked in map chat what was going on with the lighthouse. I recalled that it had had the top knocked off it during the Karka invasion but it occurred to me that I hadn't taken that to heart the way I had the Mad King's demolition job on the Lion statue. Indeed, I hadn't even been to see the damage, so off I toddled to take a look.

Ok, I'm calling Health & Safety
The situation is confused, to say the least. Several weeks after the crabs were sent packing construction seems to be well under weigh on a new lighthouse. It stands, partially built, on a different rock with a spiffy new bridge leading to it. The severed stump of the old lighthouse is now isolated, bridgeless and unreachable.

Only no-one seems to have told the Lionguard, several of whom can clearly be seen stranded on the remaining upper floors with no obvious means of escape. Neither have the cartographers been informed, because the mini-map still shows the old bridge spanning what is now clearly a fatal drop.
The Map Is Not The Territory

Anyone navigating with their eye on the map not on the ground, as I have often been known to do, is going to run slap into some content rather more dynamic than they bargained for!

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