Thursday, December 13, 2012

Don't Bury Me 'cos I'm Not Dead Yet : AC2

Weirdest MMO news I heard all year, or possibly ever:

Asheron's Call 2 rises from the grave

Good trick! Now bring back Rubies of Eventide!

I never played AC2 during it's three-year run. Those were the days when you paid a sub or you weren't coming in and I was already subbing to two other MMOs at the time. Also I'd played AC1 and didn't get on with it so I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention to the sequel.

I do seem to remember that people were both surprised and upset when AC2 closed. Anyone play it and remember what it was like? Just out of sheer nosiness I may well re-sub to Asheron's Call just to take a look at Asheron's Call 2.

What's that you say? Subscribe to AC1? That ancient game that no-one in the MMO blogosphere ever mentions, even when they're desperately trying to remember MMOs that still require a subscription? Why would you want to do that? Well, because if I want to take a look at the zombie resurrection of its slightly less-ancient spawn I have to be a subscriber in good standing of AC1. Even though this utterly unexpected reincarnation is officially a beta.

Pay to play the beta of a game that went out of business well over half a decade ago; that sounds like a good idea. I'll probably do that, then. Do I need to buy the client again too? I still have my original Asheron's Call box...wonder if my characters are still there...

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