Monday, March 18, 2013

And So It Begins: GW2

" In the next release we will adjust the way that world mega bosses award their loot. The current chests will stay lootable once per day per character, but each boss’s guaranteed rare item drop will be moved to a separate chest (visually similar to daily achievement reward chests) that can only be acquired once per day across an account.
Our intention with this change is to keep providing rewarding loot for world mega bosses while avoiding overwhelming participation in boss fights (and overwhelming the economy with rares) from players cycling through each character slot for each boss every day. "

Isaiah Cartwright - GW2 Lead Designer.

"Alright! Own up. WHO did Shadow Behemoth?

"Don't look at me. I was at Tequatl all day"


  1. This is a wonderful, wonderful change. Cycling through 3 characters doing 7 lag-filled events on them each seriously destroyed a part of my soul. Despite my determination to play for fun, the temptation of the carrot is far too powerful for me to resist.

    Regardless, Anet still needs to improve the boss battles though and I hope those changes will come down in the future.

    By the way, I think it's Tequatl, not Tequaatl.


    1. Oops! I did that post in five minutes last night before bed. I'll change it when I get home. Silly dragon names!

  2. Great news for me. I never even managed one full day of all events on one character. Those rares and ectos were dropping a bit too much in price for me to make much money off selling them. That's my primary source of income considering I don't faithfully farm CoF or farm dragon chests all day.

    Downside, goodness knows when I'll be able to afford 250 ectos now.

    1. I'm fine with the change. With seven 80s I was barely denting the potential lootfest anyway. I'll never get round them all once in a day on two accounts even under the new rules.

      This week is going to be crazy though...


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