Saturday, March 2, 2013

Oh That's Good, No That's Bad: GW2

Sam the Sham knows. Got it back to front though.

Long gap between posts. Hate that.
Reason? Playing. Love that.

Back to work, less time to play or write. Big patch dropped late evening last day of week off. Liked it a lot. Patch, not going back to work.

Did anyone see that? Tell me you saw that!

  • Best part: 

Loot fix. Big event chests drop Rare every time now. Probably. Heard someone say small chance to miss out. Not happened to me. Get more than one sometimes. Exotics too. 
Vast crowds at all events opening night. Days after. Biggest lag since Karka Island. Massive, massive fun.

It's not easy cleaning green.

Fired me up. Work on gear, raise crafts, make stuff. Mrs Bhagpuss got Final Rest, wasn't even looking for it. Can happen.

Not your momma's duck stick.

  • Next best part: 

New Dailies. See? Choice can be good. Different list every day, new jobs all the time. Spice and variety. Fun.

  • Next next best part: 

Living Story. Speeded up a bit. Still slow but something brewing. Dredge and Flame Legion up to stuff, need stopping. Can do that.
Ah! There you are!

Also, loads of other stuff. Guild missions. Pass on them. Dungeon tweaks. Pass on them. Come back later. Maybe. Busy killing dragons, stealing treasure.

Off to do that now. Bop dragons with lollipop.



  1. Glad to hear you are having fun with it. I too am finding it hard to balance playing with blog posting. Guess that is a good thing :D

    1. Heheh! Wouldn't know it from your last two enormous posts :P

    2. Okay, so I am having a hard time balancing playing, blogging, and sleep. One is loosing. LOL!


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