Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Potterer's Guide To The Shadow Behemoth : GW2

Where is it?

Godslost Swamp in Queensdale

Nearest Waypoint?

If you ask in map chat everyone will say Godslost but I prefer Swamplost Haven. It's almost as close, it's drier and you can shop there.
Will we be here long? I think I'm getting trenchfoot.

You might. Shadow Behemoth only shows himself every couple of hours or so. Also, he has a tendency to bug out. If you've been waiting a long time he might not be coming.

Anything to do while I wait?

Not really. There's a vista. That'll kill ten seconds. Also a skill point, there's another ten. You could help Historian Garrod investigate the swamp, but there you have the nub of it: you're in a swamp and swamps are not known for their wide range of leisure activities. Unfortunately you have to stay here because the text message vanishes if you wander much farther and you risk missing the whole thing. Oh, if the Ambient Killer daily is up, you're in luck, One thing swamps do have in abundance is frogs. And flies.

Making a virtue out of necessity, because there's so little to do in the swamp but no-one dares leave, there's often plenty of player-made entertainment like costume brawls, feasts, flamethrower tag and suchlike high-jinks to pass the time. It's only matter of time before there are buskers and a pie stall.

How do I make sure I don't miss out?

About the only clue is the text. When it says "Underworld forces have been spotted outside the swamp" that's your cue.

Wait! Now I do have to go outside the swamp?

You could but I don't advise it. The forces in question are at The Heartwoods, Elvin Monastery and Taminn Foothills. They look close enough but by the time you run there and back the big event will be over. Stay in the swamp and let someone else do it. They will.

Then what happens, exactly?

If you want "exactly", ask The Egg Baron. If you just want the high concept version... Some portals open; you blow them up; a ginormous creature appears and waves his very long arms about a lot a few times, then he dies and you get the Chest. Oh, and lots of red rings appear all over the place but they don't seem to do anything so you can safely ignore them. If there's a way to get downed in this event I've yet to find it.

Sounds peasy.

It is. Probably the easiest of them all. Certainly the one with the least running around, providing you don't attempt to engage the "forces".

Sum it up for me. Is it worth doing?

Very much so. It's by far the most visually spectacular of all the low-level metas. The Shadow Behemoth is huge and really quite scary. Worth doing just to see him. And once the novelty wears off it has "quick" and "easy" to recommend repeat visits. Provided he shows up, that is.


  1. Definitely an easy fight, just feel bad for all the people that go do the pre-events so you can fight him though (knowing they'll probably miss out). :P

    1. Yep, it's very selfless of them although I think mostly it's at-level folk doing the map "properly" who get them done. The huge influx of level 80s to Queensdale/Wayfarers/Metrica has led to a few complaints from genuine level 15s that I've heard but I've heard more gosh-wow excited questions from people who've just got the game and wonder what the heck is going on with this massive battle in their starter map, so on balance it's probably good for the community of the server.

  2. "a ginormous creature appears and waves his very long arms about a lot a few times,"

    That made me laugh! :D

    It is possible to wait at the spawn locations of the pre events (as sometimes, no, someone else won't do it ^^ Got in an argument in map chat with people at the shatterer once when I was left to do BOTH prequests by myself. I should have just stopped and let them wait for the imaginary dragon), but you MUST use speed skills to get back.. and at that point the boss will be on about half health. Really, they need to delay the spawn on him or better yet, beef him up as a scaling event should do.

  3. Thanks, great explanation.


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