Friday, March 15, 2013

The Potterer's Guide To The Fire Elemental : GW2

Where is it?

Thaumonova Reactor in Metrica Province

Nearest Waypoint?


Will this take long? I think I'm starting to glow.

Not too long. The event chain leading up to the Fire Elemental runs just a tad slower than The Maw, about once every thirty minutes.

What is there to do in the meantime?

Explore the Thaumanova Reactor. It's a fascinating, if radioactive place. Frequent events run inside and it's a great spot for several Dailies. Comatose Asura researchers sprawl in every corridor for Healer,  the wide range of creatures roaming the halls are perfect for both general Kill and Kill Variety and there are several Veterans scattered around. There's also a rather challenging skill point round the back of the reactor.

How will I know when the main event starts?

The text will change to "Rooba is outside the eastern entrance, preparing to enter the reactor's remains" . There's no audio clue and you can't see the text if you wander very far, so stay close to the building.

What do I have to do?

Follow a whirling dustbin around the reactor. Make sure it doesn't "die". Stand in a ring for ages while a dustbin whirls about. Make sure it doesn't "die". Listen to an Asura give a masterclass in overconfidence about why her whirling dustbin won't "die". Watch the dustbin die.

Finally, finally! fight a Fire Elemental while dodging pools of lava and reviving people who didn't.

Sounds like there's a lot of standing about.

There is. Also walking at the pace of an arthritic tortoise, which appears to be the benchmark speed for Golems in this part of the jungle. The Fire Elemental event, or Thaumanova Reactor Fallout to use its Sunday name, is the only one with a fixed duration, since the part where you stand in a ring lasts exactly five minutes. This is very handy if you want to go make a cup of tea or boil an egg.

Sum it up for me. Is it worth doing?

For the rewards, of course it is. As often as you can.

The story itself is amusing, at least the first time. If you do it right from the start (there are other pre-events as well) it takes ten minutes or so, which is a lot longer than any of the other low level chest-droppers, or maybe it just feels longer, what with all the standing in one place.

The Fire Elemental is moderately spectacular although its hard to appreciate the view when he's doing his best to incinerate you and the actual fight is great fun. After the first couple of runs you might want to cut to the chase and arrive just before the ring event ends, in time for the payoff.

As a bonus, someone will often offer to use "The Key" by which they mean the Matrix Cube Key. It opens that portal you ran past earlier and probably wondered about. Jump down the well and land on a floating platform outside. There's a Champion Steam Ogre. Beat him and get another chest, although just an ordinary one this time.


  1. Never liked the Fire Ele, last time I went for him he actually won (as in, killed the 30+ people trying to get at him and despawned). That was awhile ago though so maybe he's been toned down?

    1. No, not so as you'd notice. I did him this morning on my level 80 Ele and was downed twice. Second time about eight or ten people dropped and most of those were 80s too. He's rough.

      I've not seen him win though. I'm curious to know what the "lose" condition is for all these events. Just despawning seems a bit weak. You'd like to think he'd at least set the place on fire.


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