Saturday, June 27, 2020

Familiar Feelings : EQII

Last year, when Daybreak gave away three bunny familiars as part of the Pride celebrations, I grabbed a set for all my characters. I've been running with bunnies all year. You can sometimes see one photobombing a screenshot. They do love the camera.

Each of the designs represents the colors on one of the Pride flags but I confess I haven't been paying attention to which is which. I did know what they all were once but when I came to write this post I realized I couldn't remember.

Luckily, this post at Gaminglyfe explains it nicely. Boundless Heart is the Bisexual bunny, Trueheart is Transgender and Proudheart wears the original rainbow flag of Gay Pride. Can't believe I didn't notice the bunnies' names are alphabetically matched! At least I won't forget again now I know, although really I should just be able to remember the colors.

This year's trio seem to have arrived with far less fanfare. I wouldn't have known the rabbits were back if I hadn't read Dreamweaver's forum post.

I picked up the new familiars on several characters yesterday and had a look at the descriptions. I'm guessing each of them represents something specific but I'm not sure I could say exactly what, although I kinda have some ideas. I've googled around but I haven't turned anything up.

Here are the descriptions and the rabbits. If anyone knows who each bunny is supporting, please share with the group!

Even without knowing exactly what they're about, you could hardly object to the sentiment. Unbiased, joyful, loving, these are some very friendly bunnies. Welcome anywhere, I'd very much hope. The stats aren't bad, either!

There's no rush to claim yours. They'll be hanging around the cash shop until the end of next month.


  1. I do know Aceheart would be asexuality. The others I don't recognize offhand.

    1. Pretty sure Freeheart stands for pansexuality. Openheart's name and description make me think of polyarmory, but the colours don't match, so I figure it's got to be something else...

    2. Ace for asexuality was the one I was pretty sure of, mostly from the name, although once you have that in mind the description works, too. The other two I'm not so sure about. Also, what's the significance of "critters or Attendants" in the Freeheart? Attendant isn't an EQ2 thing (nor is critrer, really) so I think it has to mean something specific.


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