Tuesday, June 30, 2020

I Win EverQuest!

I thought I was going up in the world when the Avatars of Brell and Tunare agreed to join my team.

But then I recruited Firiona Vie...

I guess we won't be doing Seasons. Where would we go after this?


  1. She's the same one on the classic Larry Elmore cover of EQ, isn't she?

    1. Hmm. Now you're asking. The EQ cover I think of as the "Classic" one is by Keith Parkinson. That's a different-looking Firiona altogether. Looking at his own website it seems Larry Elmore did the box art for Omens of War, Dragons of Norrath, Depths of Darkhollow and Prophecy of Ro. His Firiona looks very similar to Keith Parkinson's.

      The one above, like most (possibly all) the Overseer art, is from Legends of Norrath. You can see it included in 20 Legends of Norrath at a site called Art Abyss. It's not attributed there but someone called Graysun-D did a lot of LoN work and this Firiona looks pretty similar to the examples on his website.

      This reminds me of Saturdays in the pub after a London Comic Mart in the early '80s, when half a dozen people would be arguing over attribution for uncredited work in the ancient comics they'd bought.

    2. Given that Keith and Larry both came from the TSR art department of the "classic" era, it's not a great shock that they look similar. I've got a copy of Art of the Dragonlance Saga lying around, and both of them contributed a lot to the look and feel of Dragonlance.


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