Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Making Plans

As I mentioned the other day, it was only when I went to make some Ascension spells with my EverQuest II sage that I realized he'd never started, far less finished, the signature tradeskill questline from 2018's Chaos Descending expansion. As I was wheeling him around the various elemental planes to grub up the hundreds of ores, roots, logs and pelts the series of combines required, I found myself wondering what else I'd forgotten to do over the last few years.

In theory, this is where having a blog should come in handy. I ought to be able to flip back through the posts and pick out the plans I made but never carried out. Only a blog doesn't really work that way. Or mine doesn't.

Yes, I have tags or "Labels" as Blogger calls them, but I apply them in a chaotic fashion. I do sometimes go to my tags to find posts I want to link but it takes me a lot longer than it should, even when I know what I'm looking for. And chances are, if I wrote about something I was thinking of doing in the body of a post, there'd be no tag for it, anyway.

Titles are even more useless, thanks to my predeliction for self-amusing obscurantism. I can't tellwhat most of my posts are about from the titles. If looking at them reminds me of anything it's only what song I strip-mined and often not even that.

Of course, I could just pick a date, say three years ago, and start reading. I'd guess I might get through a month of posts before that wore thin. I do love to re-read my own stuff but scanning for unfinished plans sounds an awful lot like work.

So I thought I might just jot down a few things off the top of my head, just to put them out there, in the hope I might come back to the list now and again and see if I can't tick something off. Fat chance, I know, but still...

A List Of Things Undone

Ascended Specialized Class Weapons - Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns

I finished several of these and enjoyed myself quite a lot. I have a few more in various states of incompletion. From what I recall, it's mostly running around maps collecting things. I can do that.

Calaldbog - GW2

I made one of these! I remember saying some very positive things about the experience. I also remember saying I was going to do at least one more. I never did.

Ranger Pets - GW2 - Path of Fire

By the time I got to the end of the storyline in Path of Fire I was heartily sick of everything about it: the narrative, the zones, the mobs, the whole expansion. I've made a concerted effort never to go back since. I have two rangers on my PoF-enabled account. One of them has most of the pets, the other only has a couple. It should just be a case of checking the locations and going there? How hard can that be?

Princess - GW2 - Seriously, how long have I been meaning to do this on my second account?
Five years? It only takes about an hour!

Advanced Logistics Mastery - GW2 - This one's a bit harder but it's so useful. I keep reading it up, realizing how much work it will be and going to do something less intimidating instead. Just knuckle down and do it!

Housing - EverQuest - I used to have a house but I let it lapse. Or possibly collapse. Now I'm logging in every day again, I ought to have somewhere to live. It's embarassing, camping out in the Guild Lobby like one of those people who ends up living in an airport.

More Housing - EQII - Where do I even begin? Why buy prestige homes if you're never even going to visit them, let alone decorate? And it's fun. This is something that's a positive pleasure to do, so why keep putting it off?

Leveling my Fury - EQII - She's been level 89 for months. Either use a token and get her to 110 the easy way or get on with leveling her old school.

Blood of Luclin Mercenaries - EQII - I literally have a whole guild bank vault full of them (ok, not literally, but nearly). Just go get them already! For everyone! Then throw the spares away!

That should do to be going on with. Any more and I'll scare myself.

I might as well throw in the games I meant to keep playing but somehow didn't, as well. Not the ones I dropped for a reason, just the ones where one week I was logging in and the next I wasn't:

Neverwinter Online - I was making some real progress and having fun.
Star Wars: The Old Republic - More than a year since I last logged in.
DCUO - Definitely going back for Wonderverse in August but why wait 'til then?
Elder Scrolls Online - I was enjoying my last run there more than I expected. No idea why I stopped.
AdventureQuest 3D - See ESO.

Try playing a few of those again, why don't you?

And you could finish Divinity: Original Sin 2 while you're about it.

Okay, now I'm talking to myself in the second person, which should probably be a hint this has gone about far enough. All I have to do is pick a project and get started. 

It's that simple, right?


  1. I am exceptionally good at clicking the little eye on medium term GW2 achievements, thinking I'd remember to get them done that way, and then proceeding to tune out the entire top right corner of my screen for eternity.

    I've not finished HoT specialization collection weapons, nor some Gandara/Kourna banner thing from the Living Story episode for years now. I am sure they'll stay undone for quite a few to come, even more so since general MMO burnout/malaise hit. Chances are good that GW2 may shut down first.

    Fortunately, I am not that much of a completionist.

    1. Yeah, completionism means absolutely nothing to me. I like getting stuff though and all the above have rewards I would actually use, which is why I picked them out of the hundreds, maybe thousands of unfinished pointers in all my journals in all the games.

      Most of them would also be fun to do, or at least I hope they would.

  2. I am sitting on a bunch of EQ2 mercs too. I need to figure out if any of my alts that can not fly yet get to the mercs to hire them.

    I usually only have time for one MMO at a time. I was also thinking about taking a break from EQ2 and logging back into SWTOR. It's been a few years since I played that one.

    1. Late reply - sorry. I think the only one you can't get to without flying is Oor. Rosa Dod is by a tree in Sanctus Seru, Mel is in a dip in the wall on a plateau in The Blinding, the useless Grolla is by the dock that goes to Diaku Corral... There is one I haven't yet gone looking for though. I forget what that one's called.


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