Thursday, October 11, 2012

Just Popped In For A Pumpkin: Rift

Finding it hard to peel myself away from GW2 at the moment, not to mention that I'll have less time than usual to play over the next two or three weeks. Frustrating in a way because there's just so much going on. Feast is better than famine though, so let's hear no complaints.

On the subject of feasts, there's some kind of Harvest Festival going on in Telara right now. Thanks to the excellent RiftLite I was able to drop in and say hello to my old pal Atrophinius. He's an odd duck and his Plane of Life is an odd pond. We never seem to be quite as "at war" with the Plane of Life as we are with the others, what with druids having Fairy pets and old Atrophinius here turning up every so often with a few barrels of mead.

This time he had me grabbing pumpkins to decorate his little patch of Faeland. I found mine in a Water rift. Hydroponics reaches Telara.

On the far side of Silverwood, which always seems like it half belongs in the Plane of Life anyway, I found the way into what I took to be a Sliver. Can't say for sure - never been in one before. Lots of vendors setting up in there, plenty of things to do, pests to kill and so forth. If only I had time to help out, over there's just some of what I could have won. >>>

On the way I bumped in some treants. It's been a while, but I don't remember them looking quite like this. Their new model or my poor memory? Both, most likely.

I'm always surprised by how gorgeous Telara looks. It stacks up well even against GW2. The gritty, digital feel is quite pleasantly abrasive after the painterly washes of Tyria. I'm very curious to see what the new continents look like.

There's a great offer coming up - unrestricted free access to Rift for four days from November 7th to 11th for anyone who ever had a subscription. Better still, it ties in with the big Storm Legion lead-up event. Definitely going to clear time in my busy MMO calendar for that.

Whether I can hold out until the New Year before buying the expansion we shall see. I wouldn't go betting the farm. Not even the Panda Farm. Especially not after this...


  1. The hat! The hat grows on you!

  2. having seen some of the works-in-progress, I have to say that the Dimensions system is even more impressive than that video: total freedom *and* enthusiastic developer support.

    1. Once Mrs Bhagpuss gets her hands on those dimensions all hope is lost!

  3. I always like Rift festivals. They were really fun. I liked the game well enough too, but didn't really want to be paying a sub. It's tempting to redownload the game and log in during that free access time, but I know I'd be too tempted to start playing again but I really don't have the money to spare on more expansions and a sub. :P Pity as the new housing system looks awesome!! If only GW2 would do that too!

    1. RiftLite is great for the festivals - most of them are designed to be done at any level. My character in the screenshots is level 18 now but I played her while I had a subscription and she got to about level 15, with a mount and 100 plat in the bank without ever leaving the city for anything other than festival quests, and even those only if they were very nearby.


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